Outsourced Consultancy Services

What is Wurkplace and learn how we take the risk out of your business.

Here at Wurkplace, we pride ourselves in providing outsourced HR, Health & Safety and Online Training services, personalised to our clients! No matter what the size of your business, we can give you bespoke services to fit your specific needs for a competitive rate. Wurkplace’s services are tailored to specific businesses in a variety of different industries. We have happy clients across many different industries.

We have a small UK-based team of highly-qualified experts in HR, Health & Safety and Employment Law. Our HR and Health & Safety Consultants create a service that is tailored to your unique business which ensures you always stay in compliance with relevant legislation.

Our team is people-focused, ensuring your staff feel valued and safe at work is important to us! This is why we always provide solutions with a personal touch, our consultants will always be there for you making sure our services are right for you. We keep in regular contact with all our clients, this allows us to change our solutions as your business changes and grows.

We’re not like other outsource HR and Health & Safety service providers, we don’t use call centres, so when you call our number you’ll be connected to one of our experts directly. This allows you to get professional support and guidance from day one. Also, we don’t believe in long-term contracts - So you can stay in control of your services!

Wurkplace can assist you in reducing the risk of accidents, claims and non-compliance fines. Initially, a consultant will audit your existing documentation and processes, then from the audit, you will be provided with a gap analysis of what needs improving and identifying and prioritising any areas which require additional work.

HR Services


One of our HR Consultants will carry out an initial HR Audit with the objective of understanding your business, your current HR practices and identifying where your gaps may be (if any).

You will be provided with a copy of the HR Audit and an accompanying HR Action Plan which will provide you with clear and transparent actions that form part of your retainer package and a timeline for completion by our HR Consultants.

As part of this Action Plan there will be additional recommendations that you can choose to instruct Wurkplace to carry out on your behalf (this will be quoted for and charged for separately).

Dedicated, qualified and timely professional advice

Using our highly qualified team of experts, we commit to matching you with a fully qualified HR Consultant suitable to your Company and its needs.

Our dedicated HR Helpline and Email service is for the use of your managers and internal HR team as and when you need us.

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Legal Compliance

Our highly qualified Health and Safety Consultants provide you with legally required competent assistance in the area of Health and Safety. Our consultants will work with you and your business to achieve legal compliance with the various Health and Safety laws applicable to your business. You will also be provided with a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy Document.

Dedicated, qualified and timely professional advice

Using our highly qualified team of experts, we commit to matching you with a highly qualified Health and Safety Consultant suitable to your Company and its needs. Our dedicated Health and Safety Helpline and Email service is there to support you with any Health and Safety challenges.

Initial Audit and Action Plan

One of our Health and Safety Consultants will carry out an initial Health and Safety Audit with the objective of assessing your legal compliance in relation to the Health and Safety Management of your business and identifying any risks and opportunities for improvement.

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Online Training

Innovative E-Learning

Our brilliant online training is designed to help protect and improve the welfare and safety of your people. Our user friendly, info packed e-learning courses contributes towards your legal competence

Risk Management and Compliance

By requiring your staff to undertake our online training, you are not only protecting their health and wellbeing, you’re also meeting the HSE requirements and are protecting your organisation from the risk of prosecution.

An Extensive Library

With many courses for you to access, we have courses available to sit that meet any of your business needs. Due to the health and safety laws constantly changing, we are sure to keep our courses updated to ensure your compliance. We are constantly adding to the range of courses that we offer which will become available for you to sit.

Complete Control

You receive admin control to the e-learning hub, allowing you to see your employees activity…

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