Wurkplace is Sponsoring the 2021 North Wales Business Exhibition
north wales business exhibition

Wurkplace is Sponsoring the 2021 North Wales Business Exhibition

This month, Wurkplace are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the 2021 North Wales Business Exhibition!

While it’s no secret that many businesses have struggled during the pandemic, as we all emerge from the restrictions this exhibition is a great way to increase exposure for local businesses regionally and nationally.

Taking place on Wednesday, October 27th at Coleg Cambria, the exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to showcase their services, meet with prospective customers, and increase their business network. The event itself draws over a hundred businesses, all eager to demonstrate what they do best and share valuable insights into their industry.

Wurkplace are excited to join forces to sponsor and promote the event organized by the Deeside Business Forum. The DBF is an association of businesses and sole traders who wish to collaborate and promote local businesses nationally. To that end, we’re going to show you some of the benefits to sponsoring, attending, and exhibiting at the event.



The chief purpose of the event is to give businesses an opportunity to exhibit and showcase their services or products. Many local small businesses rely heavily on word of mouth or direct sales to secure new clients; An exhibition is a fantastic way to increase your brand awareness and customer engagement. By communicating directly with attendees, you can gleam invaluable information on what your customer base is, and what they look for in your services.

As a business owner, it is a great opportunity to see how other businesses showcase themselves. You can use this experience to learn how other businesses (especially competitors) distinguish themselves and attract new clients. You can also find out where competitors are going wrong…



With every exhibition, expo, or conference, comes a chance for business owners and attendees to grow their network. It should not be understated that these events are excellent for increasing your professional network, not just with prospective business partners, but with prospective clients and even service providers. Many of these businesses will be offering unique or overlapping services.


Gain Valuable Advice

The benefit of networking is not limited to just growing your client or supplier base. One of the many other benefits of attending an exhibition like this, is that you can gain valuable insights in industry trends and upcoming projects. You can gleam competitor information that will serve as fuel for your projects moving forward. Also garnering advice from local organisations to help resolve issues you’re facing in your business.


A Little About Us

Wurkplace specialise in outsourced Human Resources, Health & Safety, and Payroll services. To achieve this, we get to know each of our partner businesses on a micro and macro level. This allows us to give quality corporate advice specialised to each individual business need. Our work is aided by the fact that we have clients of all sizes and across all sectors.


Why Are We Sponsoring The Event?

Here at Wurkplace, we believe in minimizing risk within businesses and building lasting business partnerships. We are sponsoring the event to facilitate a much-needed knowledge share across industries and improve the local trading environment.


If you’d like to join Wurkplace in sponsoring the North Wales Business Exhibition, contact Admin at the Deeside Business Forum. Alternatively, if you’d like to attend and help the local economy, you can register your interest here.

If you’d like to learn a little about how we can help your business, get in touch via our online form.


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