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We Care About You, Your Business, and Your People!

Are You Looking For Accountable, Passionate, And No-Jargon HR Advice, Employment Law, Health & Safety Support, And Payroll Outsourcing?

Wurkplace take accountability for everything we do, providing passionate, no-jargon advice given in plain English. We’re not here to sell you insurance.

We are a team of highly qualified professionals with vast experience in HR, Employment Law, Health & Safety, and Training. We provide our clients with professional and credible support and guidance, ensuring that they stay compliant with the latest legislation.

How do we get our talent? We’re flexible. We hire consultants who are at the top of their game, but want to work 3 days instead of 5. For example, parents who are coming back from maternity/paternity leave, or seasoned consultants and directors who wish to spend more time with their family. As a result, happy employees, healthy families, and improved service for clients!

But How Are We Unique Different Special

We Care About You

We’re here to help you be the best you can be. Everyone here at Wurkplace strives to deliver the best support possible designed around each client. That means we don’t sit on the fence. We go above and beyond to give practical and actionable advice to each client, helping them achieve their goals. We’re not here to sell insurance or read scripted advice; We’ll leave that to our competitors.

We Get To Know You​

We understand that you and your business are unique. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. Wurkplace pride ourselves on getting to know each client before we deliver our services to create a distinct business partnership. This allows us to fully understand you and your company’s culture, structure, and strategic goals, and tailor our service to you.

We Lead By Our Values

Everything we do, from recruiting to the service we give, is in keeping with our values. We are not a reactive business trapping people in long-term contracts. Giving a personalised and accountable service is extremely important to use. By Using short-term contracts (minimum of 12 months), being proactive, and engaging with business partners regularly, clients have no reason to leave. Just check out our testimonials!

Our Economic Engine


We’re here to take the risk out of business and make a difference.


We aim to be the best HR and H&S consultancy in the UK.


To disrupt the HR and H&S retainer and outsource industry.

Our Three Core Values


Clear commitments to take ownership over every task.


We engage and inspire others to Be the Best They Can Be.


We possess the quality of being humble and putting the needs of others before our own.

Meet the Wurkplace Experts

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Our Team are all self-motivated, flexible, adaptable professionals at the top of their game. Here you can read more about our senior members of staff.
Operations Director
Business Development Director
Head of HR

Meet Some More Of The Team

Human Resources Consultant
Health and Safety Consultant
HR & Accounts Administrator
HR Administration
Business Development Director

Trusted By Companies Across the UK

You can see what our clients have to say by checking out our testimonials page!

The Wurkplace Journey

We have come a long way since Karen founded us in 2011. Take a look at just some of the milestones.


OSM Consultants was founded by Karen Owen, with a mission to help small business owners.


Cleardata became a partner to OSM Consultants. OSM Consultants changes its name to Wurkplace and the new brand is born.


Mark Whitfield came onboard and the company swapped to a retainer-based model.


Streamlined services to HR, Health & Safety, Training, and Payroll.


Wurkplace signs the Armed Forces Covenant and wins Bronze Award for defence employers.


Wurkplace parted ways with Cleardata. Karen Owen and Mark Whitfield became equal co-owners. Opened up a base in Liverpool.


Wurkplace secures funding for revolutionary tech project and begins development. Opened a base in Manchester.


Wurkplace begins KTP project and employment of first developer.

Where To Find Us

We have two main offices, one in North Wales and one in Manchester, but we cover the whole of the UK. To find a consultant in your area, check our our other locations here.

Main Office in Wales

Main Office in England

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