Return to Work Top Tips

In 2014 the largest survey in the UK was taken place primarily focusing on sickness and absence costs.  The survey found that it costs employers £29 billion a year which equates to 6.5 days per employee.  Wurkplace’s top tips for a speedy return to work can help minimise the costs of your business.

Wurkplace’s top tips for a speedy return to work:

  • Regular contact is important – it helps the employee keep work in mind and the employer benefits as they can keep up to date with any progress
  • Monitor the absence, make sure it’s certified by the GP (if over 8 days) and if necessary request a doctor’s report to have a better understanding of the absence/illness and talk about options to return
  • Meet with the employee and discuss returning to work as this will help identify factors that caused the absence and give you an idea of what adjustments you need to make to help prevent any future occurrences
  • When your employee is ready to return to work hold a meeting to discuss.  You may consider a staged return such as a reduction in hours/days. You might also consider a reduction in workload or light duties.
  • Before allowing your employee to return to work always ensure that their GP has signed them as ‘fit for work’

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The Whistleblower

The Whistleblower is an employee who reports suspected wrongdoing in the workplace; its technical name is ‘making a disclosure in the public interest’.

Your employees can report if they believe:

  • Someone’s health and safety is in danger
  • There’s a risk of actual damage to the environment
  • It’s a criminal offence
  • The company isn’t obeying the law (e.g fraudulent behaviour/ incorrect insurance)
  • You are covering up wrongdoing

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Protected Characteristics

The Equality Act 2010 sets out the protected characteristics (PC)  that are protected by the law and the behaviour that is unlawful.  Under the Act people are not allowed to discriminate, harass or victimise another person because they have any of the PC’s or where they are associated with someone who has a PC.

Under the Act the following people have a responsibility for themselves and anyone they associate with to abide by these laws:

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Disciplinary Support Facts

Wurkplace offers disciplinary support, advice and facilitation.

The employee handbook plays a huge part in the disciplinary process.  It should clearly state how the process should be followed and when there would be risk of disciplinary.  Remember to be consistent, you cannot discipline one employee for doing something everyone else gets away with.

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Academy Conversion – Academy Schools

Publicly funded independent schools are known as Academy schools.  They are allowed to set their own pay and employment conditions.  

The Academy conversion from a regular school to an independant one doesn’t have to be difficult.  Headteachers become employers for the first time meaning they are now responsible for dealing with their own Health and Safety, HR and Payroll.  

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Free Food Hygiene Course Module

Wurkplace can offer you a “tasty” Free Food Hygiene course module.  You can trial the first module at no cost before deciding whether you would like to continue and purchase the entire course.  Prices start from £15 plus VAT.

Food handlers and employers have a legal duty to manage food safety.  EU and UK laws state that food handlers must make sure that prepared, cooked, served or sold food is fit for human consumption.  The course is approved by RoSPA, is available in Levels 1 & 2 and industry specific; retail, catering and manufacturing.  

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Management and Leadership Development

Wurkplace creates and delivers bespoke Management and Leadership Development programmes to businesses across the board.  The aim of the programme is to develop existing managers and the managers of the future.  The programme will equip them with the capability and skills to help create a culture of engagement and autonomy, as well as promoting fairness and an efficient way of working.

The job of managing is becoming more and more difficult with many different issues faced.  The 21st century management and leadership challenges include:

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HR Seminar – Thursday 15th September at 1pm

‘Change Is The Only Constant’

How well does your business react to change?  Do you face resistance or do your employees embrace change?  Wurkplace are hosting a free and innovative HR Seminar focusing on Change Management in the Workplace and aims to equip participants with some vital tools to manage change in the workplace.  The event will take place on Thursday 15th September at the national award winning race yard, Manor House Stables in Malpas at 1pm, with an optional tour of the Stables afterwards.

This session will be aimed at Directors, Senior Manager, Head of Departments and those responsible for HR and Health and Safety.  There will be opportunities to share your experiences and discuss different techniques of HR communication, on influencing and communicating with colleagues and employees.

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Asbestos Awareness Training Cost

Wurkplace’s Asbestos Awareness course ensures that employers meet their legal obligations.  Many people think that this training can be expensive but our Asbestos Awareness Training costs only £35 plus VAT.

Employers have a legal requirement to give employees adequate information, instruction and training if they are likely to come into contact with Asbestos.  The people most likely to come into contact with Asbestos are:

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Safety Audit Checklist

Companies undergo audits for many different reasons.  Wurkplace professionals have worked together to create a Safety Audit Checklist.

Health and Safety PolicyMany Caucasian People And Hands Holding Colorful Letters Or Characters Building The Isolated English Word Safety On White Background

If you have 5 or more staff then your policy statement is mandatory and your policy should show a clear commitment to health, safety & welfare.  The health and safety responsibilities and arrangements should be stated clearly for everyone to understand and follow.  These should then be communicated to employees and you should keep a record of how best to do so.

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