Pension Auto-Enrolment

By 2018 all businesses are legally obliged to have a workplace pension in place – otherwise known as pension auto-enrolment.

Auto-enrolment is a complex and time consuming process to put in place and maintain.  Wurkplace offer an outsourced payroll service that is compliant with auto-enrolment so you avoid any unnecessary non-compliance fines.  Wurkplace deal with all necessary staff communications that need to be sent out at specific times during the auto-enrolment journey.

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Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella is a bacteria that contaminates water and if inhaled can cause legionnaires disease which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.  Any man-made water systems are likely to provide an environment where Legionella can grow.  This is why Legionella risk assessments and Legionella awareness training are imperative to identify, prevent and control risks.

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E-Cigarettes in the Workplace

An e-cigarette is an electronic device that mimics tobacco smoking.  Although it is not illegal to use an e-cigarette in the workplace, employers can still ban them from being used on company grounds.  Wurkplace can create and implement internal policies to support this motion.

The British Medical Association (BMA) and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended that using E-cigarettes at work or in public places (e.g. supermarkets) should be banned. Companies have been advised by the BMA that employers should update policies to communicate that the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace is prohibited. The House of Commons and the BBC have already banned them and many others are following suite.

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Talent Management

In the 1950’s the Herzberg two-factor theory of motivation was developed by Frederick Herzberg.  The theory identified career progression as a key motivation factor for employees.  

This means that if there is a possibility to move up the employment ladder then work ethics will improve and be consistent, regardless of their level in the company.

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Work Night Out

It’s that time of year again when businesses start to plan the Christmas work night out.  Before jumping straight in, organisers must consider the HR and legal risks.  Wurkplace have seen first hand the implications alcohol can have on working relationships.

Businesses planning on hosting Christmas parties for staff need to ensure the fundamental policies are in place so that normal standards of behaviour and conduct apply.  Wurkplace can assist you in reminding staff these parties are still work functions, by implementing policies and offering guidance on minimising the risk.

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Stress in the Workplace

Wurkplace assists with cases of stress in the workplace everyday and have expert Consultants available to keep you up to date with legislation.  The experts also provide relevant documentation, processes and advice throughout.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 includes legislation surrounding minimising the risk of stress-related illness or injury to employees.  This is an employer’s legal duty of Health and Safety and Welfare.

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Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace occurs when someone tries to intimidate a colleague, it is subjective so each person may see it differently.  Bullying may be obvious or subtle and can be one-on-one or involve a group of people.  Employers need to be aware that bullying can take many forms like verbal, cyber or physical abuse.

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Violence at Work

Verbal abuse and threatening behaviour are the most common types of violence at work but physical violence at work still occurs.  Risk of violence can be managed by providing workplace security measures, establishing safe systems of work (especially for lone workers) and providing information and training.  

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Health and Safety Policy

Businesses with over 5 employees have a legal requirement to have a Health and Safety Policy and supporting documents in place. Wurkplace can provide you with these documents to ensure your business’s Health and Safety is compliant.

The policy should normally be set out in three sections:

  • The Statement of General Policy on Health and Safety at Work
  • The Responsibility section
  • The Arrangements section

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Return to Work Top Tips

In 2014 the largest survey in the UK was taken place primarily focusing on sickness and absence costs.  The survey found that it costs employers £29 billion a year which equates to 6.5 days per employee.  Wurkplace’s top tips for a speedy return to work can help minimise the costs of your business.

Wurkplace’s top tips for a speedy return to work:

  • Regular contact is important – it helps the employee keep work in mind and the employer benefits as they can keep up to date with any progress
  • Monitor the absence, make sure it’s certified by the GP (if over 8 days) and if necessary request a doctor’s report to have a better understanding of the absence/illness and talk about options to return
  • Meet with the employee and discuss returning to work as this will help identify factors that caused the absence and give you an idea of what adjustments you need to make to help prevent any future occurrences
  • When your employee is ready to return to work hold a meeting to discuss.  You may consider a staged return such as a reduction in hours/days. You might also consider a reduction in workload or light duties.
  • Before allowing your employee to return to work always ensure that their GP has signed them as ‘fit for work’

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