Management and Leadership Development

Wurkplace creates and delivers bespoke Management and Leadership Development programmes to businesses across the board.  The aim of the programme is to develop existing managers and the managers of the future.  The programme will equip them with the capability and skills to help create a culture of engagement and autonomy, as well as promoting fairness and an efficient way of working.

The job of managing is becoming more and more difficult with many different issues faced.  The 21st century management and leadership challenges include:

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HR Seminar – Thursday 15th September at 1pm

‘Change Is The Only Constant’

How well does your business react to change?  Do you face resistance or do your employees embrace change?  Wurkplace are hosting a free and innovative HR Seminar focusing on Change Management in the Workplace and aims to equip participants with some vital tools to manage change in the workplace.  The event will take place on Thursday 15th September at the national award winning race yard, Manor House Stables in Malpas at 1pm, with an optional tour of the Stables afterwards.

This session will be aimed at Directors, Senior Manager, Head of Departments and those responsible for HR and Health and Safety.  There will be opportunities to share your experiences and discuss different techniques of HR communication, on influencing and communicating with colleagues and employees.

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Asbestos Awareness Training Cost

Wurkplace’s Asbestos Awareness course ensures that employers meet their legal obligations.  Many people think that this training can be expensive but our Asbestos Awareness Training costs only £35 plus VAT.

Employers have a legal requirement to give employees adequate information, instruction and training if they are likely to come into contact with Asbestos.  The people most likely to come into contact with Asbestos are:

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Safety Audit Checklist

Companies undergo audits for many different reasons.  Wurkplace professionals have worked together to create a Safety Audit Checklist.

Health and Safety PolicyMany Caucasian People And Hands Holding Colorful Letters Or Characters Building The Isolated English Word Safety On White Background

If you have 5 or more staff then your policy statement is mandatory and your policy should show a clear commitment to health, safety & welfare.  The health and safety responsibilities and arrangements should be stated clearly for everyone to understand and follow.  These should then be communicated to employees and you should keep a record of how best to do so.

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Working at Height

Two engineering firms recently appeared in court following the death of a contractor through working at height.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Advance Door Engineering Ltd and Shufflebottom Ltd appeared in Swansea Crown Court facing charges relating to a contractor’s death at Pembroke Dock’s Mustang Marine in June 2013.

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Slips Trips and Falls

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers are required to ensure the health and Prevent trip hazards in the workplacesafety of all employees and anyone affected by their work.  Employers need to go so far as is reasonably practicable in terms of time, money and trouble.  This includes taking steps to protect against slips, trips, and falls and involves identifying potential trip hazards.

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Redundancy Process

In a recent employment tribunal, SSI steel workers were awarded £6.25 million due to lack of communication during a redundancy process.  Redcar plant shut down last year leaving employees redundant.

Employers must consult with staff even if the end result is inevitable, or forfeit multi-million pound claims.  When dismissing 20 staff or more employers are obliged to consult with staff under a European Directive.

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Annual Leave

All employees have an entitlement of up to 5.6 weeks or 28 days inclusive of Bank Holidays (for full time employees) paid annual leave under the Working Time Regulations.  Part time employee’s’ holiday allowance can be prorated based on the number of days they work so by multiplying 5.6 by the workers working week.  

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Dyslexia Disability Discrimination

Starbucks became the subject of media attention recently when one of its employees, Meseret Kumulchew, won her case for dyslexia disability discrimination. Her claim arose from her employer’s failure to make reasonable adjustments for her dyslexia. She also won a claim for victimisation.

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Company Driving Policy

 Driving carries so many risks that it is one of the most dangerous activity employers can ask employees to do.  Having a company driving policy and prioritising the safety of your employees and the general public is not a choice but a necessity.

In order to reduce risk of driving accidents, law enforcement and government agencies monitor compliance of these rules:

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