Absence Pay – What Are The Rules?

If you operate a small business, it can be hard trying to keep up to date with all of the rules and regulations surrounding absence pay.

Absence pay is the amount of money paid to staff when they have any kind of time off, whether it be off sick, going on holiday or taking time away to have a baby.

Without the correct information, you could find yourself failing to pay employees the right amount of absence pay and breaching employment laws in the process, and therefore putting your business at risk.

To help avoid this, we’ve created a quick article that takes a look at the guidelines that employers have to follow for the most common types of leave including, sick, holiday and maternity/paternity.

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5 Biggest Causes of Workplace Fatalities

Even though health and safety in the workplace has come a long way over the years, there are definitely still areas that need our attention.

Recently, the HSE published their annual figures for work-related fatal injuries for the 2018/19 period, and some of the results are shocking.

A total of 147 people were killed between 2018 and 2019 whilst at work, an increase of 6 from the previous year. With numbers like these, it’s clear that health and safety still needs to be a priority for all workplaces.

We’ve decided to take a further look at the most common causes of workplace fatalities and how workers can protect themselves to avoid these incidents.

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Improving The Employee Experience At Work (Consumerization of HR)

With the growth and rise of streaming/on-demand services such as Netflix and Spotify, people are growing accustomed to a more personalised experience, with recommendations that are specific to their wants and needs.

Social media has become the biggest news provider in the world, offering updates based on things you like or have previously viewed and even fast food apps recognise your regular orders and offer up favourites based on previous purchases.

With almost everything else in our lives offering up a personalised experience, why aren’t we getting this in the workplace?

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6 Great Reasons To Outsource Your Payroll

When trying to run a business, you’ll often have multiple responsibilities and some things will ultimately suffer due to a lack of attention.

In the majority of cases, a lot of businesses see things such as administration and payroll activities as something that doesn’t need to be a priority – but here’s where they are wrong.

Payroll plays a crucial part in any business, and failure to correctly implement these procedures can land your company in some hot water.

We understand all of the stress and work that comes with dealing with payroll, so we’ve provided a couple of reasons why outsourcing these services to an expert is your best option.

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Dealing With Inappropriate Behaviour In The Workplace

A happy workplace is always something that an employer should strive for. It’s great when all of your employees are getting along and working to a high standard. Getting along well with co-workers can often encourage staff to do well and make the workplace a better place.

However, some employees have the tendency to par take in behaviour that makes other employees uncomfortable and can be deemed unprofessional to say the least.

In light of the many recent allegations, we decided to take a look at what kind of behaviour is acceptable in the workplace.

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Why Should You Consider A Quality Management System?

Quality Management Systems are needed for any kind of business, and show that your business operates to a recognised standard, ensuring the highest quality of work and lack of mistakes.

Implementing an ISO 9001 accredited QMS will ensure that your customers are receiving a quality service, and it is also used to tender for contracts, allowing you to achieve bigger projects and grow your business in the process.

But what exactly is a Quality Management System? What is ISO 9001?

We’ve decided to take a look at what Quality Management Systems are and why they are essential for any business.

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5 Ways To Stay Fit At Work

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into January and most of us are settled back into our work routines, it’s time to look forward to the year ahead and focus on our goals.

A common goal among many people’s New Year’s Resolutions tends to be getting into shape and adopting a healthier, fitter lifestyle after the Christmas period. Trying to find time to hit the gym or work out when you’ve got a busy schedule can be tough, but there are actually a few different ways of staying healthy at work.

For this month’s article, we’ve decided to take a look at some different methods for staying fit in the workplace for 2019.

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How To Behave At The Office Christmas Party (HR Approved)

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, and Christmas is only a matter of weeks away.

The office Christmas party is a yearly event that many people look forward to, and is a great way of blowing off some steam after a long year of working.

However, you often find that people behave in a different way on these nights out, and their actions could land them in some hot water, particularly from a HR stand point.

To keep you safe, we’ve decided to put together our top tips for ensuring a fun and drama free Christmas party that is approved by HR.

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Tackling Stress In The Workplace

Stress is something that we have all experienced from time to time, whether it be in the shops, driving around or even making food at home. However, one of the most common areas we face stress in is at our work, with most people experiencing some form of stress daily.

Did you know there were 0.6 million cases of work induced stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18 alone? With numbers like this, it’s clear that we need to be tackling work-related stress.

In this month’s article, we’ve focused on the common causes of stress in the workplace and how to counter being stressed out.

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Why HR Is So Important For Businesses

Running a small business is not an easy task, and usually requires you to wear multiple hats at the same time. With a small team of employees with different responsibilities, it can be easy to lose track of things.

One area in particular that a lot of businesses either struggle with or forget about is the HR side of the business. As experts in the subject, we can’t stress enough how important HR is for businesses, so we’ve decided to detail some of the reasons in this article.

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