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Meet Wurkplace Director Mark Whitfield

Wurkplace Director Mark Whitfield

It's not Anger, It's Passion...

With Mark, simplicity is key. In his opinion, the world needs less talk and more action. Whether it’s when he’s playing rugby, taking care of his family, or visiting clients, Mark lives and works by his values; He gets things done, done correctly, and done in double time. With an army career and 20 years in business spanning the globe, Mark has seen it all – But one thing he hates to see is business owners not getting a fair deal. This is why Mark joined Wurkplace: He saw how Karen and the team offered a service beyond the competition precisely because they shared the same values. His mission now is to continue disrupting the HR and Health & Safety outsourcing world as we know it and take Wurkplace to the next level.

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