We have a small, UK-based team of experts in Health and Safety Services, HR, Employment Law and Online Training. We create a bespoke service to suit your personal needs, for a variety of industries – including Agriculture.

Working on farms, cultivating crops and livestock, can be very difficult but also greatly satisfying. Our team is dedicated to providing the agriculture sector with tailored services, ensuring that your Health & Safety and HR issues have solutions that work for your business.

Unlike most outsourcing companies, we pride ourselves in giving a personal service; we don’t use call centres – allowing you to contact us directly! We also don’t believe in using long-term contracts, so you stay in control of your farm’s services.


Health and Safety in Agriculture

What are the 3 main Health and Safety issues in agriculture?

  1. The Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) – Using pesticides and fertiliser is often part of everyday farm life, helping protect the crop from pests and increase the yield. Exposure to these substances can cause serious damage to employee health! Our custom COSHH training can show agriculture staff how to handle and use fertiliser and pesticides safely!
  2. Livestock Handling – Moving and transporting live animals can be challenging at the best of times, ensuring your animals and staff safety is crucial to business. To reduce the risk of harm, agriculture employees should be trained properly on how to handle livestock. Wurkplace offers bespoke manual handling training that reduces the frequency of related accidents.
  3. Public Safety – If there is a public footpath on your farm, you should aim to reduce the risk of injury to members of the public. Under the Animals Act (1971), you can be found liable if someone is injured by your livestock! Ensuring bulls are not in fields with public footpaths or that there are appropriate warning signs is essential. We can help with this, our consultants make personalised risk assessments to ensure compliance.

Here at Wurkplace, we know the agriculture industry can be full of potential dangers, to both employees and the general public.

The Government has stated agriculture is 1.8% of the workforce in the UK, but it has 19% of all fatal injuries. Our experienced team provides outsourced Health and Safety to farms all around the country, keeping people safe.

What can our Health and Safety Consultants help with?