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Working on farms, cultivating crops and livestock, can be very difficult and laborious but also greatly satisfying. Here at Wurkplace, we have experience providing Health & Safety, HR and Online Training to agriculture businesses – No matter the size!

Unlike most outsource Health & Safety and HR companies, we pride ourselves in giving a personal service; we don’t use call centres – allowing you to contact us directly! We also don’t believe in using long-term contracts, so you stay in control of your farm’s services and allowing for a more flexible approach.

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Wurkplace has been providing us with tailored Health & Safety support for some time now at our farm. We were very impressed by their personal service - their consultants came out to our farm and implemented everything for us; going the extra mile to make sure everyone on-site is safe, giving us peace of mind
Shordy Farm
Wurkplace Client
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    Health and Safety In Agriculture

    What are the 3 main Health and Safety issues in Agriculture?

    Here at Wurkplace, we know the agriculture industry can be full of potential dangers, to both employees and the general public. The Government has stated agriculture is 1.8% of the workforce in the UK, but it has 19% of all fatal injuries! Our experienced team provides outsourced Health and Safety to farms all around the country, keeping people safe.

    What can our Health and Safety Consultants help with?

    Do You Need Help With HR or Health and Safety in Your Agriculture Business?

    HR In Agriculture

    What are the 3 main HR issues in Agriculture?

    No workplace is immune from people problems, even farms, that is where we come in! Our outsourced HR services offer solutions to all your HR issues. We have an experienced team that customise all of our solutions, to ensure you get the right service for your farm.

    What can our HR Consultants help with?

    Health & Safety and HR Training for Agriculture

    Additionally, Wurkplace has an extensive range of online (and on-site) training courses that can help employees develop into their role and stay safe on the farm. Our HR and Health & Safety consultants adapt and change our courses to fit your business, this ensures your staff are prepared for anything the agriculture sector can throw at them!

    Our Health & Safety and HR training courses for farms include (but not limited to):

    All of our bespoke training courses have been approved and accredited by RoSPA, CPD and IOSH. You can enjoy a free demo of each of our courses on our website. Each module allows for 3 attempts (you need to contact us for help after the third), upon completion your farmworkers will be given a certificate which can be stored in their employee record. For our on-site training, our Health & Safety and HR consultants will teach the course and ensure legal compliance.

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