Recruiting Graduates

Best ways to recruit graduates

Recruiting Graduates


Recruiting graduates has a number of benefits.

Those who have just finished University in their chosen degree will now be looking for employment experience in their chosen field.

These graduates will be enthusiastic to obtain some real-life experience, full of knowledge and determined all whilst looking to pay off their debts of course!

For small businesses this is a real opportunity to recruit employees who know their stuff, want to achieve in the working world but the company can also allow them to adopt the company’s culture and way of work.


This isn’t just the case for typical graduate routes such as lawyers or psychologists but is also applicable to trade roles such as manufacturing.

There are multiple ways that you can recruit graduates and they don’t always have to be costly!

Graduate schemes


Graduate schemes are entry level training programmes that help companies to attract and nurture new talent.

They give graduates first hand experience whilst following a structured training program and generally last from 1 to 4 years.

As graduate schemes usually supply a whole variety of benefits such as alternating work in different department so the graduate can get a feel for exactly what career they would like whilst being paid a very fair salary they are usually to the go-to for graduates.

Because of this, if the advert for the role is appealing then it is highly likely that you will get many graduates applying for these types of roles meaning there is truly little costs involved and you can then ensure the best fit is recruited.

This is a huge benefit for small businesses; however, you need to ensure that you have the funds and meet the training requirements.

Make development a priority


To attract graduates, the company must have a culture of learning and development. In most cases, graduates are looking for career development and to use their degree wisely.

Most are also always keen to learn. If the company does not appreciate this and adopt this, then graduates are not likely to apply for roles in your company.

This can also be beneficial to your company as employees are much more likely to be engaged, loyal and efficient if you invest in their learning and development.

Sponsor societies and sports clubs


Sponsoring societies and sports clubs are a fantastic way to get your company noticed.

Costs will incur however, those taking part in the society / club will be aware of your company and all it has to offer. They will see you as a supporting, forward thinking company which will appeal to graduates.

Your company can also be placed on kits, leisure centres, and social media so that opponents and family members will also see your company.

For companies such as manufacturing businesses this is an easy route to appeal to graduates as they will be exposed to it regularly which is a comfort to those who will be leaving university soon and still aren’t a 100% sure of the route they should take.

Guest lectures


Having someone from your company or a representative of your company going into a lecture and teaching a subject / lesson will not only make the students aware of your company, but they will get a sense of culture from this and a brief knowledge of what the company can offer.

It also allows a great relationship with the University itself so they can support and promote any roles that you have for graduates.

Again, this is a useful recruitment tactic for small businesses as publicity and other organisational support is key for growth.


Posting on university careers portals


Simple, posting a job advert on a university portal is as straightforward as it seems! Posting an ad for students on a student website seems a no brainer!

Social media


Social media is a fantastic platform to advertise job vacancies for graduates on. Every graduate has some sort of social media account which they will be able to see job vacancies on with no costs incurring for yourself.

Take LinkedIn for example, small business and manufacturing companies can show off their culture, values, goal and opportunities on this daily which will attract candidates.

Sponsor final year projects/masters/PhD courses


In the same way as sponsoring sports and society clubs, this gets your company out there and improve your reputation. It can also see who excels in these projects so you can find the top candidates easily.

Case studies


Supplying case studies on success stories of people in your company can really appeal to graduate as they may not have any work experience and are nervous about what route to now take after university.

Real life examples can engage, encourage and provide comfort to graduates.

How Wurkplace can help


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