Do you work in the Care industry? Are you aware of the multiple different pieces of Health & Safety legislation that you must adhere to?

From Online Training to Fire Safety, Wurkplace has the tools to take the risk out of your business.

Wurkplace provides online Health and Safety training courses to Care Homes throughout the UK. It is a legal obligation for Care homes to have a sufficient number of Fire marshals/wardens on the premises at all times.

This cost effective and time efficient training will assist you in becoming compliant with the most recent fire legislation.  The fire safety training courses also prepare and protect your business and residents against fires.

Do you exactly how important staff training is in Care Homes? We recently wrote an article that talks about how crucial it is for Care Homes to have well trained and aware of the correct procedures.

Care Home Fire Safety Courses

Wurkplace offers a Fire Safety course that allows care home employees to improve their fire awareness understanding, providing information on what to do if you discover a fire, how to encourage fire safety awareness for residents and an introduction to fire extinguishers.

The online training gives you a general understanding of basic fire awareness and the processes and protocols in the event of a fire.  It is aimed at all care home workers to identify and reduce the risks that fire presents to the care home, its workers and especially the residents.

We also offer a course that is specifically designed for Fire Marshals in Care Homes. This course covers the full role of the Fire Marshal, the procedures and instructions for what to do in the event of a fire and how to improve safety features to prevent fire in your care home.

These courses are approved by RoSPA, providing a legally compliant training solution.

Online Courses vs Onsite Training

Care home staff will benefit more from online fire safety awareness rather than onsite training because it can be done at your own pace, at a time to suit your home. It enables you to put individual employees on the course, rather than a large group, which can be difficult due to the nature of the business.

To purchase a Fire Safety course, click the links above or alternatively call 01352 871053 and speak to an adviser.