Wurkplace is a company that provides outsourced HR and Health & Safety services, as well as Online Training, to businesses all across the UK – including charities!

We offer bespoke solutions for each of our clients, making sure all their HR and Health & Safety needs are fulfilled.

Charities depend on their staff and volunteers (plus the general public) to help make a difference in the world and help those in need.

It’s important to look after your HR support and Health & Safety needs to allow your charity to achieve its goals! That’s where we can help; whether you need a full HR/Health & Safety service or just ad-hoc support.

You might be thinking, how are Wurkplace different from other outsource providers? We are based in the UK and we don’t believe in using call centres, if you call our number you’ll be directed to one of our HR or Health & Safety experts, who can help you from day one! We also don’t use long-term contracts with our clients – leaving them in control of their HR and Health Safety services.


Charity HR

Wurkplace delivers outsourced HR services to those in the charity sector, personalised to your unique charity, to ensure all your people-problems have a solution! Working with charities can be very rewarding for staff/volunteers, we aim to make it even more rewarding by giving them the personal support they need.

The key HR issues that affect the charity sector:

  1. Managing Volunteers – Firstly, recruiting volunteers can be challenging; finding the best people for your charity is important. After this, there can be problems when assigning volunteers to jobs, often with limited time HR can struggle to match volunteers with jobs that suit them best!

    Wurkplace can help you with the recruitment process and help find your volunteers strong points, helping them to enjoy their charity work.

  2. Ethical Issues – Charities focus on helping others, which is why sometimes HR issues can be ignored, but having compliant HR policies and procedures is essential for operating within the law.

    In the past, some charities are found to be noncompliant with employment law due to them not having anti-discrimination, bullying, data protection and disciplinary policies. Our HR consultants can create custom HR policies and procedures for your unique charity, ensuring compliance with employment law!

  3. Staff & Volunteer Training – Often in charity work, training can be overlooked, but it is an essential part to keep charities open and operating. HR training can be beneficial for all charity workers and volunteers whether it’s for your office workers or fundraising staff/volunteers – Helping them perform their job role and manage stress levels.

We offer an amazing range of HR training that can be personalised to your charity, allowing your personnel to get the most out of the courses.

Wurkplace HR consultants can help you with:


Charity Health and Safety

At Wurkplace, we also offer outsourced Health and Safety services to organisations in the charity sector, making sure all our solutions are customised to your specific charity needs! Keeping staff, volunteers and members of the public safe should be a priority for charities because they’re what keeps them open.

The key Health and Safety issues that affect the charity sector:

  1. Personal Safety – Keeping staff and volunteers safe while they’re working off-site (and potentially alone) can be challenging for charities. Employers have a duty to identify and control for any potential risks to reduce the likelihood of them occurring, informing & training staff on protocol and procedures can be very useful!

    Wurkplace’s Health and Safety consultants can provide bespoke risk assessments and training courses to help protect charity workers/volunteers from harm.

  2. Manual Handling – Charity shops can get lots of deliveries and donations each day, injuries caused by lifting and moving are commonplace! It’s important for staff and volunteers to be educated on how to properly lift/move loads safely to avoid any legal claims against the charity.

    We offer manual handling training which can be personalised to your charity and staff, making sure they stay safe while working.

  3. Slips, Trips and Falls – These can be frequent accidents in the charity sector, with staff/volunteers working in a variety of environments it can be tricky to control and reduce all the risks!

    In charity shops settings it can be easy to trip over shop merchandise; when fundraising outside there are often many reports of people slipping on wet floors. Our slips, trips and falls training course can be customised to your employees/volunteers, to ensure they stay safe no matter where they go!

Wurkplace can provide businesses in the equine sector with bespoke outsourced Health and Safety services – On a retainer or an ad-hoc basis. Riding horses can be dangerous, but so can handling them from the ground!

Our team of highly-experienced specialists can visit your premises/stables and give you gap analysis advice on how to improve/implement your Health and Safety procedures and policies.

Wurkplace Health and Safety consultants can help charities with:


Charity HR and Health & Safety Training Courses

Finally, Wurkplace can provide your charity with HR and Health & Safety training courses with our extensive library! Our training courses follow current UK law, approved by IOSH & RoSPA.

and accredited by the CPD. When your staff/volunteers complete one of our training courses they will receive a certificate which can be put in their records.

Each of our courses can be customised to your charity and any situation your staff or volunteers may face in their role, making sure they’re always well equipped for any circumstances they face – Improving their performance and keeping them safe!

Our training courses that may be useful for the charity sector include (but not limited to):

Call 0330 400 5490 for further information on how our services can benefit your charity Alternatively, submit an online enquiry here.