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Charities depend on their staff and volunteers (plus the general public) to help make a difference in the world and help those in need. It’s important to look after your HR, Health & Safety and Online Training needs to allow your charity to achieve its goals! That’s where we can help; whether you need a full HR and/or Health & Safety service or just ad-hoc support.

You might be thinking, how are Wurkplace different from other outsource HR and Health & Safety providers? We are based in the UK and we don’t believe in using call centres, if you call our number you’ll be directed to one of our HR or Health & Safety experts, who can help you from day one! We also don’t use long-term contracts with our clients – leaving them in control of their HR & Health and Safety services.

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Wurkplace have been true to their word from day one and always go that extra mile. Managing and Recruiting volunteers can be challenging, with the help of Wurkplace this is now under control thanks to their great team.
Tom Evans, DM Of A Charity
Wurkplace Client
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    Charity HR

    Wurkplace delivers outsourced HR services to those in the charity sector, personalised to your unique charity, to ensure all your people-problems have a solution! Working with charities can be very rewarding for staff/volunteers, we aim to make it even more rewarding by giving them the personal support they need.

    The key HR issues that affect the charity sector:

    Wurkplace HR consultants can help Charities with:

    Do You Need Help With HR or Health and Safety in Your Charity?

    Charity Health And Safety

    At Wurkplace we also offer outsourced Health and Safety services to organisations in the charity sector, making sure all our solutions are customised to your specific charity needs! Keeping staff, volunteers and members of the public safe should be a priority for charities because they’re what keeps them open.

    The key Health and Safety issues that affect the Charity sector:

    Wurkplace Health and Safety consultants can help Charities with:

    Charity HR And Health & Safety Training Courses

    Finally, Wurkplace can provide your charity with HR and Health & Safety training courses with our extensive library! Our training courses follow current UK law, approved by IOSH & RoSPA and accredited by the CPD.

    When your staff/volunteers complete one of our training courses they will receive a certificate which can be put in their records.

    Each of our courses can be customised to your charity and any situation your staff or volunteers may face in their role, making sure they’re always well equipped for any circumstances they face – Improving their performance and keeping them safe!

    Our training courses that may be useful for the charity sector include (but not limited to):

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