Wurkplace provides outsourced HR, Health & Safety and Online Training services to our diverse clients. Small or large – Wurkplace can find the best solutions for your unique business at a competitive rate.

We have clients across numerous sectors, including construction. Construction work has its own set of HR and Health & Safety issues which are sector-specific, for example – keeping staff safe working on construction sites.

We are a small, people-focused UK-based team made up of experts in the fields of HR, Health & Safety and Employment Law. Our HR and Health & Safety Consultants can create a bespoke service that is tailored to your specific needs.

Unlike many other outsource HR and Health & Safety companies, we don’t believe in long-term contracts – leaving you in control of your organisation’s services! When you call our number you’ll be connected directly to one of our experts, we don’t use call centres – so you can get support and advice from the get-go.


Construction HR

The top 4 HR issues in construction are:

  1. Staff Development – HR is responsible for helping construction workers to develop in their role, providing training for communication or performance management can aid your employee’s to gain the knowledge they need for growth – Our training can help with this.
  2. Employee Retention – Often when HR is neglected construction workers can feel demotivated and demoralised which can lead them to leave your company. Losing a worker during the middle of a project can push back the finish date by weeks or even months – Our comprehensive HR package is worker-focused to ensure they feel fully supported!
  3. Staying Compliant – It can be difficult to keep up with all the HR and safety policies that apply to the construction industry. If you’re found to not be compliant with legislation there could be legal proceedings, fines and even prosecutions – Our online HR system and frequent HR updates ensure you stay fully compliant.
  4. Recruitment – It’s HR’s responsibility to find and recruit the best staff for your company, finding new staff with experience in construction is valuable – Our HR system allows for an improved recruitment process.

We can provide construction industries across the UK with bespoke outsourced HR services! The construction sector can be dangerous and isn’t immune from its share of people problems – whether that’s incorrect paperwork or unreliable/untrained staff.

Wurkplace takes the hassle out of HR for many construction companies, making it easy to manage their workforce.

Our HR Consultants can help you with:


Construction Health and Safety

The top 4 Health and Safety issues in construction are:

  • Working at Heights – Most construction work requires staff to work at height, this is covered under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, stating employers and managers are mainly responsible for the prevention of injury and death caused by falling from a height – Our Health and Safety training can prevent this!
  • Respiratory Issues and Diseases – Working on construction sites can cause employees to come into contact with hazardous substances (e.g. chemicals, asbestos, dust, etc) which may cause short or long-term damage to their lungs – Our COSHH risk assessments will reduce this risk.
  • Noise – Construction sites can often be very loud due to mechanical equipment. This can cause long-term and irreversible damage to employees hearing – Our action plan will account for any necessary PPE and risk assessments.
  • Manual Handling – Staff in the construction sector usually have to do activities involving lifting, carrying, lowering, emptying and filling. In 2019 HSE (Health and Safety Executive) reported 120,000 (approx) injuries caused by manual handling – Our manual handling training and detailed risk assessment can help.
  • Wurkplace can provide outsourced Health and Safety services on a retainer or ad-hoc basis to construction companies.

    One of our highly-trained specialists can visit your construction site and provide a gap analysis advising how and where it is best to improve/implement Health and Safety procedures and policies. We will ensure you are fully compliant with all the relevant Health and Safety legislation and policies.

    Our Health and Safety Consultants can help you with: