Disciplinary Support Facts
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Disciplinary Support Facts

Wurkplace offers disciplinary support, advice and facilitation.

The employee handbook plays a huge part in the disciplinary process.  It should clearly state how the process should be followed and when there would be risk of disciplinary.  Remember to be consistent, you cannot discipline one employee for doing something everyone else gets away with.

Disciplinary and dismissal procedures should be fair and followed accurately.  Without following proper procedures employees of 2+ years can raise an employment tribunal claim for unfair dismissal however, discrimination claims for protected characteristics have no such time frame.  The correct procedure is as follows:

  • Inform employee of any issues following the investigation
  • Invite employee to the disciplinary hearing
  • Hold the hearing and give the outcome
  • Offer the right to appeal any decision


Examples of when to take disciplinary action:

  • Regular absences or lateness
  • Misconduct in the role
  • Poor performance
  • Lack of capability

Following the regulation set out under the Employment Rights Act 1996 legislation will allow you to avoid unfair dismissal claims in turn saving you money in compensation pay outs and fines.  

For advice and support on how best to deal with an employee situation, call today.  Alternatively, get a HR quick quote.

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