Employees must be consulted on Health and Safety matters at the earliest stage, this includes DSE Regulations.  Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, employers must take care and make reasonable adjustments for employees working on computers and laptops regularly.

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Employers must carry an assessment to decide what needs to be done and to check what action is being taken.  From this assessment, a record of significant findings must be taken.

If the correct adjustments are not made to workstations there are many health risks employees can face such as fatigue, backache, eyestrain and upper limb problems.  To prevent these health risks as an employer you must:

In order to stay compliant with DSE Regulations, you should consider:

Wurkplace can assist companies to stay compliant with DSE Regulations throughout the whole assessing process and while implementing any changes or processes.  For a quick quote in Health and Safety, submit a request here.  To speak to an adviser, call 0330 400 5490

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