We provide bespoke, outsourced Health & Safety, HR and Online Training services across many sectors – including education. Our dedicated, UK-based team are experts in their fields, they provide personalised services that meet unique business needs.

The education industry has its own set of specific HR and Health & Safety issues that it may run into – Here at Wurkplace, we take the hassle out of daily Health & Safety and HR.

Those in the education sector are not only responsible for themselves, but also the pupils, that is why dealing with these issues is so important. We know that every school setting is different, this is why we tailor our services to you, instead of giving generic solutions.

If you’re feeling fed up with your current HR and/or Health & Safety providers, you might want to try Wurkplace. We never use long-term contracts, so you’re not bogged down with services you don’t want/need – Leaving you in control of your school’s services.

We also do not believe in using call centres, our number connects you to one of our expert team, who can advise you from the get-go.


Education HR

What are the top HR issues relating to the education sector?

  1. Training/Developing Staff – Working in education can pose many challenges, having staff who have completed extensive training courses can help them overcome any difficulties. Keeping up to date with the latest technology and methods of teaching is a key part of education HR but can sometimes be overlooked.

    It’s not just teachers, but all members of staff who interact with students that benefit from further development in their role. Our huge variety of online (and on-site) training courses can help your staff flourish.

  2. Compliance and Data Protection – Anyone working with children or vulnerable groups must have pre-employment checks, like DBS. These checks ensure the safety of students, revealing individuals criminal convictions, relevant information from the police and if they have any reprimands/cautions.

    It is HR’s responsibility to ensure compliance with these checks and ensure personal details remain private and confidential. The bespoke HR paperwork and online HR software that Wurkplace provides makes compliance and data protection easy!

  3. Recruitment and Retention – Not only do many teachers and other staff go from school to school often, but many people in the education sector leave the profession due to the challenges it can present. This can negatively affect schools finances and cause disruptions.

    It can often be challenging to recruit the right staff for your school, but we have a solution! Our HR system aids in the recruitment process (by tracking, comparing and inducting applicants) and our personal HR service makes employees feel valued, which can reduce staff turnover.

Here at Wurkplace, we provide bespoke, outsourced HR support services to the education industry – working in education can be so satisfying and at times difficult, which is why HR can sometimes take a back-seat.

We can provide HR support and guidance on a retainer or ad-hoc basis, whatever works best for you.

Our team of HR Consultants can help with:


Education Health and Safety

What are the top Health and Safety issues facing the education sector?

  1. Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace – Working with children can be chaotic at times, one of the biggest issues in education settings is when moving around the premises. Slipping, tripping and falling over things in schools is common with both staff and students, and knowing how to deal with it is essential. Wurkplace’s Health and Safety slips, trips and falls training can reduce this risk in your school.
  2. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) – Science lessons can often involve substances that are potentially dangerous to students, teachers and technicians like harsh chemicals. Having the right training to handle these substances allows for safer classrooms.

    Additionally, some older school buildings may contain asbestos, which can be very dangerous. Our COSHH and Asbestos training ensures these substances are handled and dealt with safely.

  3. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) – Both students and teaching staff will regularly use DSE, like PCs/laptops, projectors and interactive whiteboards – this can cause posture issues, eye strain and fatigue. Using these technologies is a key part of many teaching methods – we can help you to reduce these risks with our risk assessments and DSE training.

Wurkplace also provides bespoke, outsourced Health and Safety support services to the education industry. In education, both the school management team, headteacher and employer have a responsibility for the Health and Safety of staff and pupils.

We can take the pressure off your shoulders, with our tailored Health and Safety policies and procedures that ensure legal compliance.

Our Health and Safety Consultants could help you with:


Education Health & Safety and HR Training

Finally, Wurkplace offers an extensive range of on-site and online HR and Health & Safety training courses, to the education sector! Working with students can pose many challenges, our training can help your staff to develop the right skills to handle these challenges. All of our courses are IOSH, RoSPA and CPC approved.

Our Health & Safety and HR training relating to the education sector are:

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