Emergency Procedures
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Emergency Procedures

Accidents and incidents are inevitable so it is important that when they do occur, the organisation has emergency procedures that can be brought into effect without delay, otherwise there may be a poor or inappropriate response that makes things worse rather than better.

An organisation has to develop these procedures to deal with foreseeable incidents. Such incidents might include:

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  • Fire
  • Bomb threat
  • Spillage of a hazardous chemical
  • Release of a toxic gas
  • Outbreak of disease
  • Severe weather or flooding
  • Multiple casualty accident

The organisation should make internal arrangements to deal with foreseeable incidents should they occur. These agreements should include:

  • The procedure that is to be followed
  • Provision of suitable equipment, for example, PPE
  • Responsible persons role
  • Emergency procedures should be practised to ensure staff are sure of the actions they may have to take, drills and exercises are the best way to do this

For further support on emergency procedures, call Wurkplace on 0330 400 5490 or request a Health and Safety Quick Quote.

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