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Employees on Maternity Leave

What to Do When You Haven’t Heard from Your Employee on Maternity Leave


Maternity leave is a vital time for new mothers in the UK, but when employees fail to communicate, it can cause uncertainty. To ensure a smooth transition back to work, it’s important to take proactive steps. Initiate contact with your employer, schedule keep in touch meetings to stay updated, confirm return dates, and stay informed about any business changes. By staying connected during maternity leave, you can maintain a sense of belonging and make the return to work easier.



Maternity leave is a crucial period for new mothers in the UK, allowing them to bond with their child and recover from childbirth. However, when employees fail to initiate communication during this time, it can lead to uncertainty and concern. In such situations, it is important for employees to take proactive measures to ensure a seamless transition back to work. This article will explore the significance of initiating contact, arranging keep in touch meetings, confirming return dates, and staying informed about any business changes.

1. Initiate Contact

If you haven’t received any communication from your employer while on maternity leave, it is advisable to take the initiative and reach out to them. Consider sending a polite email expressing your desire to maintain regular contact and stay informed about any updates in the workplace. This proactive approach demonstrates your commitment and eagerness to remain connected. It also provides an opportunity for your employer to share important information or address any concerns you may have. Please also read our guide on supporting maternity leave HERE

2. Arrange Keep in Touch Meetings

Keep in touch meetings are an effective way to ensure ongoing communication during maternity leave. These meetings, as recommended by UK maternity leave policies, allow employers and employees to discuss the employee’s well-being and the progress of their leave. By scheduling these meetings, you can engage in open conversations about your experiences, provide updates on your availability and return plans, and address any queries or concerns. Keep in touch meetings not only help you maintain a connection with your workplace but also foster a sense of belonging and engagement.

3. Confirm Return Dates

During maternity leave, it is crucial to have clarity regarding your return to work dates. Lack of communication from your employer can lead to uncertainty about when you should resume your duties. Take the initiative to confirm your return date with your employer, ensuring that both parties are in agreement. This confirmation will enable you to plan your transition back to work, make necessary childcare arrangements, and mentally prepare for reintegration into the workplace.

4. Stay Updated on Business Changes

While on maternity leave, it is important to stay informed about any changes within the business. Although you may not be actively working, staying updated can help you feel connected and alleviate concerns about returning to work. Reach out to colleagues or the HR department to inquire about any organizational updates, policy changes, or new projects that may impact your role. You can also subscribe to company newsletters or join internal communication platforms to receive regular updates. Staying informed will not only facilitate a smooth transition back to work but also demonstrate your dedication to remaining connected and well-informed.


Maternity leave is a significant period for new mothers in the UK, and maintaining communication with your employer is crucial for a successful return to work. If you haven’t heard from your employer, take the initiative to establish regular contact. Keep in touch meetings, confirming return dates, and staying updated on business changes are essential strategies to foster a sense of connection and belonging during your leave. By being proactive, you can cultivate positive relationships, stay informed, and ensure a seamless transition back into the workplace after your maternity leave.


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