Employee Theft
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Employee Theft

Employee theft, while infuriating, should be dealt without haste and all the correct policies and procedures should be followed.

Employees caught stealing is gross misconduct, which often means dismissal. The dismissal is not instant, as you will need to follow a reasonable procedure. Failure to get this right can lead to unfair dismissal claims at employment tribunal.

Employee theft is no different to regular theft. Depending on the severity of the theft, you may want to report it to the police – this is entirely your decision.

Ensure that it is fully investigated before disciplinary proceedings.  It is essential to gather all evidence and facts.  During this stage, you may want to suspend the employee with full pay.

Once you have enough evidence, you should invite the employee to a disciplinary hearing, explaining what its for, what the process is and what may happen if it is found to be true.  The employee has a right to see the evidence prior to the hearing.  They should also be informed of the right to be accompanied

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