Wurkplace provides Occupational Health Services to UK businesses. Whether you require on-site or off-site services, the Occupational Health specialists can meet your requirements.

Our objective is to eliminate and prevent work related ill-health, making the workplace a safe Marketing staff are analyzing the data to business planning.environment and helping businesses achieve maximum staff productivity.

The Wurkplace Occupational Health Service is compliant with current HSE legislation as well as COSHH and other statutory regulations and guidelines.  The Occupational Health specialist will work closely with HR and Line Managers to deliver a seamless and cost effective service.

The Occupational Health Services includes:

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Case Study

A luxury hotel chain named Malmaison approached us with the request to receive support in Occupational Health and Safety.

Malmaison is a collection of 15 unique boutique hotels spread across the UK, with sites in the likes of London, Manchester, Aberdeen and Belfast. With so many operational sites and a reputation to uphold, Malmaison enlisted Wurkplace’s help with Occupational Health and Safety Management.

We offer all types of support when it comes to Occupational Health and Safety Management, ranging from individual employee assessments to sickness and absence management to drug and alcohol testing.

However, the majority of support given tends to be towards general injuries such as a bad back. For example, a chef or cleaner may have suffered a back injury due to work and would affect the performance and wellbeing of the employee. This is when we would send out our Occupational Health and Safety Nurse to assess the situation and follow a process to tackling the problem.

Without the support we provide, Malmaison could risk losing employees and more, so it was very important to them that they could provide a healthy and safety working environment for their members of staff.

Due to our work, we can offer full support and follow a process to provide as much help to the injured employee as needed.

By providing this kind of support, it shows the employee that their wellbeing is considered and can protect you from any potential lawsuits, if they feel the need to sue your business. It will also increase the probability of the employee staying with the company, which is always a positive thing.

We look forward to working with Malmaison for years to come.

“Malmaison are very grateful for the support Wurkplace have provided as it has helped us out when dealing with employee health problems. Their Health and Safety specialists are always on hand to provide assistance and our employees feel a lot more secure in their positions now”.

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