Hiring Ex Offenders
Employing Ex Offenders

Hiring Ex Offenders

In 2016, a survey commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions found that 50% of employers wouldn’t consider hiring ex offenders.

Currently, the work and Pensions Committee is calling for rewards to be given to businesses hiring ex offenders.  the committee stress that more needs to be done to encourage employers to change their current recruitment practices.

Survey Statistics:

  • 40% of participants were concerned on how it would impact their business image
  • 45% said they suspected the ex offenders to be unreliable
  • 36% were worried how it would affect employees feelings
  • 32% were doubting regarding their skills and capability

The committee suggests the government launches a pilot scheme which will cut the cost of National Insurance contributions, as an incentive to encourage employers to hire ex offenders.  They also suggest prisons should show strong links with employers and should offer workshops, apprenticeships or similar employment opportunities with employers.

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