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As a business owner, you can focus on running your operations worry-free, while our qualified team of experts guide you through a comprehensive set of Hospitality HR and Safety Services that cater to all your needs. Our top priority is your workplace well-being and ensuring that you receive risk assessments, safety protocols and training, that are tailored to your requirements. Trust us to support you in all aspects, so that you can achieve your business goals with complete peace of mind.

We’ve really enjoyed working with Wurkplace over the past few years and would recommend them to anyone who needs HR or Health & Safety support. They have an amazing online HR system which does most of the work for us and has helped with our rapid growth! Plus, their online training courses have been very useful for our restaurant, especially courses like allergen awareness and food safety.
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Hospitality HR

Hospitality HR is a crucial aspect of the tourism and hotel industry as it helps ensure that employees are properly trained, motivated, and retained.

The HR department manages the recruitment process, creates training programs, implements employee policies, and offers support to its workforce. By prioritising employee satisfaction and career development, hospitality businesses can improve service quality and the overall customer experience. This drives higher customer loyalty, improved reputation, and increased revenue. Trustworthy and skilled HR members make all the difference in an industry as people-driven as hospitality.

Do You Need Help With HR or Health and Safety in Your Hospitality Business?

Hospitality Health And Safety

In the hospitality industry, health and safety should be the top priority. Proper sanitation, food handling, and equipment maintenance are crucial for preventing accidents and illnesses. Additionally, providing training and resources for employees to maintain a safe and healthy work environment is crucial. By prioritising health and safety measures, businesses can not only protect their employees and customers but also improve their overall reputation and success in the industry. 

There are many potential risks when looking at the hospitality industry, keeping both your staff and your customers safe is essential for success.


Hospitality Health & Safety and HR Training

Wurkplace also provides bespoke Health & Safety Training to those working in the hospitality sector.

Our team tailor your training courses to your unique business needs, allowing your employees and management to develop and grow into their roles – it’s also vital to their Health and Safety!

Our Training Courses Relating to the Hospitality Industry Include:

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