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Working in the hospitality sector can be very fast-paced & stressful, but it can also be very fulfilling by providing good customer service. We know that in such a customer-based industry like hospitality that HR, Health & Safety and Online Training can seem unimportant – Leave that to Wurkplace!

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We’ve really enjoyed working with Wurkplace over the past few years and would recommend them to anyone who needs HR or Health & Safety support. They have an amazing online HR system which does most of the work for us and has helped with our rapid growth! Plus, their online training courses have been very useful for our restaurant, especially courses like allergen awareness and food safety.

Mim Towie, Mowgli Street Foods

Hospitality HR

The 4 main issues for HR in hospitality are:

  1. Developing Management Skills – Staff working in the hospitality sector are often promoted to supervisor or manager, without receiving the appropriate training. This often means they’re unable to perform their role which may affect business and may put off potential customers Having good leadership, communication and management skills ensures that promoted staff are comfortable in leading other employees and relating to them, as well as customers. Our extensive range of managers guides and online training at Wurkplace can help develop hospitality management staff.

  2. High Staff Turnover – The hospitality industry has one of the highest staff turnovers, this is usually because many hospitality staff are working to fund their studies, part-time or they can’t handle the pressure of a high-pace working environment. Places like restaurants, hotels and bars can often be stressful for staff and working hours may be long – this puts a lot of people off! Having good HR benefits and support oftentimes increases staff retention. Wurkplace’s HR Support services can make employees feel more valued and increase morale, leading them to stay with your business.

  3. Employee Handbooks – In hospitality, the focus is usually on the customers which can often lead to HR being overlooked. Having a comprehensive staff handbook puts all rules, policies, procedures and terms of employment in one place – without one the employer is vulnerable to legal proceeding and compensation claims. This can be an expensive mistake to make! Our HR experts create employee handbooks that are tailored to your business, ensuring you stay fully compliant and therefore protects from legal expenses.

  4. Harassment – Hospitality is a people-focused industry, where employees have to face the general public daily. HR departments get numerous harassment reports every year, from both customers and employees! Having a good harassment policy in place can aid hospitality businesses in reducing the number of harassment claims. Our amazing harassment policy templates and managers guides can help to deal with this issue.

Wurkplace has solutions for all these issues and much more! We provide outsourced HR services to businesses in the hospitality sector – whether that’s hotels, food and drink establishments or travel and tourism. No matter what the size of your business, we can help you with your HR issues for a competitive price.

Our HR Consultants can help the hospitality sector with:

  • Full Initial HR Audit – Our consultants will get to know all your hospitality HR procedures and policies, then provide an action plan with recommendations for your business.

  • Imposing an online HR Software System – Automating traditional HR work, giving your staff more time to focus on your customers! It also increases legal compliance by storing all your paperwork in one place, tracks employee attendance & performance and it helps with tracking and comparing new potential staff.

  • Bespoke Staff Contracts and Handbooks – Our team will create contracts and employee handbooks tailored to your hospitality business and staff, boosting compliance further.

  • Employment Law – Our HR consultants are well versed in Employment Law in hospitality and can support you through disciplinary procedures, grievances, disputes, TUPE, redundancies, etc.

  • Legal Insurance – An optional extra that protects your business for up to £100,000.

  • Training and Development – Our online and on-site HR training can help hospitality staff develop in their role and deal with customers appropriately.

  • Monthly Updates – We will stay in regular contact and ensure you’re up to date with the latest hospitality HR legislation.

Do you need help with HR or Health and Safety in Your Hospitality Business?

Hospitality Health and Safety

The 4 main Health and Safety issues in Hospitality are:

  1. Back and Upper Limb Disorder – Many catering and front of house staff suffer from back pain and upper limb disorders, this is often from manual handling in these settings (e.g. food preparation, washing, cleaning and removing waste). Wurkplace’s bespoke risk assessments & manual handling training can be customised to specific premises to reduce the risk of injury.

  2. Slips, Trips and Falls – These are commonplace in hospitality settings, often slipping on spilt food and liquid or over deliveries and equipment! Working in high-pace environments can sometimes lead to Health and Safety being forgotten about. Having a full Health and Safety policy and plan can help to reduce the risk. Here at Wurkplace, we can help implement Health and Safety policies/procedures and we have our online slips, trips and falls training course!

  3. COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) – Dangerous chemicals are frequently used in the hospitality sector for cleaning and can be made by cooking equipment (e.g. carbon monoxide). Without strict rules and training on how to deal with these substances could cause harm to your staff and customers! We can provide bespoke COSHH risk assessments and training for all hospitality staff.

  4. Infections – Working in close contact with many different people can sometimes lead to an increase in infection transmission, this can lead to staff absences or even being shut down. Having a good workplace and food hygiene safety can reduce this risk. Using Wurkplace for your Health and Safety can help protect staff and customers from viruses like norovirus or COVID-19. We give detailed risk assessments and have training like Achieving Food Hygiene Rating Level 5 which makes the risk of transmitting infections lower.

There are many potential risks when looking at the hospitality industry, keeping both your staff and your customers safe is essential for success. Wurkplace provides outsourced Health and Safety to hospitality establishments, all over the UK! Our team of highly-qualified and experienced experts can make Health and Safety easy for your business.

Our Health and Safety Consultants can help the Hospitality sector with:

  • Hospitality Visits – We can visit your hospitality venue (e.g. restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc) to ensure all new and existing risks have been fully assessed & controlled.

  • Health and Safety Audits – We will conduct an initial audit of all your hospitality Health and Safety policies and procedures. You will get an action plan with our recommendations which we can also implement for you. We will also do annual audits to ensure you stay compliant.

  • Hospitality Risk Assessments – Our Health and Safety Consultants know there are lots of hazards in the hospitality industry; they create bespoke general, COSHH and fire risk assessments.

  • Health and Safety Training – We have a large range of Health and Safety training courses that our consultants tailor to your hospitality venue, this protects everyone in your workplace.

  • Occupational Health – Our team helps the hospitality sector with occupational health support, with our own qualified nurse to help! We can help with management of sickness, medical screenings, physio, occupational health referrals and on-site support.

  • Monthly Health and Safety Updates – Our consultants will keep you up to date with all the Health and Safety legislation & regulations, allowing you to always be compliant.

  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certifications – After the initial audit we will be able to support your hospitality venue in gaining ISO certifications.

Hospitality Health & Safety and HR Training

Wurkplace also provides bespoke Health & Safety Training to those working in the hospitality sector. Our team tailor your training courses to your unique business needs, allowing your employees and management to develop and grow into their roles – it’s also vital to their Health and Safety!

Our Training Courses Relating to the Hospitality Industry Include:

For more information on our outsourced Health & Safety and HR services for the hospitality sector, call us on 0330 400 5490. Alternatively, click here to be taken to our contact us form.

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