How To Prepare Yourself For The New Year
How To Prepare Yourself For The New Year

How To Prepare Yourself For The New Year

Getting Ready For The New Year


As the year comes to an end, its time to prepare yourself for the new year and take time to reflect and look forward to what the new year will bring. You’ve made it. However, that does not mean it’s time for you to switch off completely.

Here at Wurkplace we are going to provide you with a guide as to ‘how to prepare yourself at work for the coming New Year’.


Firstly….Reflect On Your Year


This is the perfect time to reflect on 2022 and write a list of everything that you have managed to achieve. If you are tackling stress in the workplace, check out our blog regarding stress in the workplace.

By making this list and thus being able to read through all your achievements, this will give you a sense of pride in your work and give you that extra motivation you need to take you through into 2023.

Secondly…Set Yourself New Goals


Once you have had the time to sit and reflect on everything you have accomplished in 2022, it is then time  to look ahead.

Setting new goals for yourself is a positive way to track your progress and give you something to aim towards in your work life. He’s a great blog by Erin, How to Set Goals and Plan Your Best Year Ever she suggest that when it comes to setting goals, make sure to make it SMARTER:

Now is the time to make a list of everything that you want to accomplish in 2023 and put in place dates you would like to achieve these by.

Adding goal deadlines will give you a time limit and will apply that little bit of pressure that you’ll need to keep pushing forward.

Ensure that you keep details of these goals you aspire to achieve somewhere where you are likely to see them.

They  can be a reminder of where you are headed thus providing you with motivation for whenever you feel yourself getting bogged down with everyday work.


Thirdly…Finish Off On-Going Projects


Finishing off any on-going projects before 2023 will make your work life a lot easier.

Ideally, you do not want to be starting 2023 already behind schedule.  Try to finish any outstanding work where possible. It’s not as if the work will have magically disappeared when you return, so get it finished now so you don’t have to worry once the festive activities have ended.

Fourthly….Discuss Your Plans For 2023


After you have decided upon your goals and aims for 2023, sit down with your team or employer and discuss these with them.

Sitting down with your colleagues and/or employer is a great way of finding out how you have been performing over the last year or so.

You should be asking for some ways you can improve going forward and what they want from you over the next year.

Having this meeting will give you the chance to express any interest in going for promotions or progressing in the company as well and will only look good in your favour.

This also works vice versa if you are the person in charge, as your employees will value the feedback and they know exactly what you expect of them going forward.

Talking about your plans and ideas for the company will go a long way in showing you care about your job and that you want to succeed.

 Next…Plan For A Better You


Take this time to look at your current attitude towards work and see how you can improve yourself and become a better employee.

Work can be tough sometimes.  Having a more positive attitude will only lead to good things and you will find you can establish better working relationships with colleagues this way.

If you struggle to get everything done in time, try different methods to improve your time management.

Planning out your time can be a crucial factor to getting all of your work done on schedule and will give you a better perspective on what’s left to be done.

It’s very tempting to browse the web or go on Facebook when work starts to feel a little tedious, but don’t waste your time on procrastinating.

You should be striving to become a better employer and excel at your job. Being there and trying harder will make the work no longer feel like work.

Apply yourself and you will see results.


Next….Learn The Right Skills To Progress


If you are looking to move up the corporate ladder in 2023, you are going to have to learn a few new tricks to land yourself the role you want.

Consider the necessary skills that you will need to learn to achieve the role that you are after and take the right steps towards educating yourself. In this day and age, technology is such an important part of our lives and you don’t have to leave the house in order to better yourself.

You can find lots of different courses and seminars on how to get to where you want to be online, so there are no excuses.

If you really want to make an impact, get in early and apply yourself.

Next….Organise, Organise, Organise


You have sorted out your future, so let’s look at the present.

Use this time to clear out your desk of anything that you don’t need. To properly prepare yourself at work for the coming year, you need to be clean. You are bound to have assembled a mound of paper on your desk that you probably won’t ever need again, so don’t hold back.

A clean desk is a clean mind, and what better way to start the New Year than with some space to put your plans and aspirations into action.

You can apply the same to your emails and voicemails. Don’t be afraid to delete or archive emails that are months or even years old. Leaving them there will only take up space and slow your computer down, so get rid where you can.

On the subject of emails, make sure that you’ve set up an out-of-office reply for any emails you might receive over the festive break. Not every business shuts down for Christmas, so it’s best not to leave anyone feeling ignored and leave an auto-respond messaging letting them know you will respond to them in the New Year.

Finally…Time To Relax


Now that you have taken all the steps to get ahead and prepare yourself at work for the New Year, it’s time to enjoy yourself.

Make the most of the work-free days off and feel refreshed when you come back to work in January 2023. You have earnt it!

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