Human Resources (HR) Law Changes for 2023
HR Law 2023

Human Resources (HR) Law Changes for 2023

Law Changes for 2023


The World of Work, Human Resources, and their needs are always changing, 2023 is no different when it comes to Human Resources (HR) Law Changes.

It is essential that businesses keep up to date with changes and trends HR Law in 2023 to ensure that their employees are satisfied, and they are remaining competitive.

In this blog we have detailed all the changes expected to make a big impact on companies in 2023 and priorities that HR should be focusing on.


Remote/Hybrid Work Policies 2023

  1. Any business owner knows that the big HR Law change coming in 2023 is Remote/Hybrid work Policies.Employees reported feeling happier and more productive when they were able to work from the comfort of their homes. Talking to employees and ensuring that they are working in a way that suits both the company and them is essential. Hybrid working can be implemented to meet in the middle.Changes to flexible working policies are also expected to come in this year after the Government have confirmed they are backing the amendments to current legislation. The changes expected to come in are:
    • flexible working requests as a day one right for employees
    • allowing employees to make two requests a year
    • requiring employees to consult with the employee before rejecting a request
    • shortening the time employers must reply to a request from three to two months
    • remove the requirement for employees to set out the likely effects on the business of the change.

    Human resources need to be aware of this to ensure the company is legal and implement the new practices.

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Many employees now report increased levels of both workplace and personal stress.

The implementation of mental health and wellbeing programmes are likely to be a big project for HR if there is nothing already in place in the company.

Many employees are looking for additional benefits such as EAP programmes to ensure that their wellbeing is a priority.

Human resources divisions should focus on providing resources and interventions for the mental, physical, and financial needs of their employees can do so all while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

This will ensure a good company reputation but also ensure that they can attract and retain key employees.

Learning and Development


Investing in leadership development has already become a critical component of HR’s responsibilities and its importance will continue to grow in 2023.

Employees often choose employers based on learning and development opportunities.

Learning and development has huge benefits for employee morale, progression and loyalty but also ensures that your employees are well equipped to complete the role needed to be done efficiently.

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Human resources will need to also focus their attention on this area as 44% of employees believe their organization’s do not have compelling career paths.


DEIB in Workplace Culture


Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) is an initiative geared towards eliminating discrimination, bias and harassment and creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes innovation and growth.

Unfortunately, many companies still don’t have many DEIB policies and practices and so HR should look to implement these in 2023.



Recruitment is a top priority for 46% of HR leaders, and 36% say their sourcing strategies are insufficient for finding the skills they need.

Ensuring that you have the right people at the right time in the right place has always been a priority for HR. In 2023, this is no different.

The need to recruit key employees is more challenging than ever with the Great Resignation.

Having a successful recruitment program, an efficient induction process and training implemented in the workplace needs to be at the forefront of HR to ensure the company remains competitive.

A New Generation of Workforce


Younger employees have a distinct set of views and priorities for their careers. Younger workers, for instance, anticipate flexible schedules, even if they are not working completely remotely.

If companies want to recruit and introduce the younger generation to their companies HR will need to ensure that policies and practices align with their needs.

Benefits of recruiting younger employees include need energy, technology savvy, affordability, optimism and willing to learn.



The pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation in many companies.

The development of digitalization, automation and robotics will have a significant impact on the work of HR managers.

Companies need to ensure that they are up to date with technology.

This comes with advantages such as competitiveness, enhancing communication and collaboration which is essential for a more remote working world, increases security, improves productivity and efficiency, and achieves compliance.

HR will need to ensure that their resources are aligned to the needs of the company and employees.

2023 will be an exiting year for HR and all the changes it brings.

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