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Wurkplace take ownership for every task we do for clients, providing passionate, no-jargon HR support services and outsourcing. No fence-sitting or sitting on our hands. We’re here to help you and your business and take proactive measures to keep your organisation compliant and healthy.

At Wurkplace we only employ top HR consultants who provide our clients with professional and credible HR support services and guidance, ensuring that they stay compliant with the latest legislation. When you talk with us, you will be talking with highly trained, highly experienced HR advisors who are the equivalent of an in-house HR director.

Businesses Who Trust Us

We provide credible, outsourced HR support and Employment Law Support for companies in the UK. So, how does HR support business strategy? If you want a successful business strategy, HR is one of the vital components.

Having a good relationship, good communication, high levels of training and motivation in your employees will help you achieve a successful business strategy.

At Wurkplace, we help companies of all sizes with their HR issues and present solutions personalised to each of our clients.

As a growing SME we require ongoing HR support services. Wurkplace acts as our in-house HR department. For a fixed monthly fee we receive unlimited HR email and telephone support. We have our own dedicated HR advisor who has assisted us with high-quality advice and helped us through a few tricky HR situations. Invaluable and highly recommended.
Stiebel Eltron
Wurkplace Client Of 7 Years
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    Looking For Expert Human Resources Support and Advice For Your Business?

    Then you’ve come to the right place! HR can seem like a complicated area, especially now as we are all adjusting to the new normal with regards to COVID-19 (including furlough, social distancing + cleaning, home-based working, etc), if your company needs support – we’re here to help!

    Are you fed up with your current outsource HR service providers? If you’re feeling ignored by bigger HR companies or let down, then you should consider using Wurkplace instead, we are a small but highly-qualified team of friendly consultants based in the UK, to help fit your business’s needs.

    Now more useful than ever, Wurkplace offers reliable and expert outsourced HR support services and advice for SME businesses. We are a small but dedicated UK-based team made up of highly-qualified consultants that specialise in HR support services, Employment Law, Health & Safety Services and Online Training.

    We know every business is unique which is why we personalise our services to your business, to ensure you get the best service and advice possible. Whether you need to completely outsource your HR or just need ad-hoc support, we can help!

    How We Understand Your Business

    We recognise that businesses can come across a multitude of people problems, for various reasons. Often small and medium-sized businesses may not have the resources to have an in-house HR service provider, and many larger companies may find their in-house HR team can struggle to keep up with large levels of HR issues. This is where we come in!

    Once you get in touch with us, we will match you with one of our expert HR Consultants (instead of using call centres) who will conduct an initial HR Audit with the aim of getting to know and understand your business, how you are currently managing HR practices and identifying how we can improve or fill the gaps (if any).

    After we’ve got to know your business and complete your first HR Audit; we will also provide an accompanying HR Action Plan which will layout clear, simple and transparent actions that will form part of your retainer package and set a timeline for completion by our HR Consultants.

    As part of your bespoke HR Action Plan, your business will be able to choose additional recommendations and services that you may need. Wurkplace will be able to execute these additional needs on your behalf.

    How Wurkplace Is Different To Other Outsourced HR Companies

    Wurkplace is a small people-focused company that provides HR advice and support for any business, small or large – unlike most other outsource HR providers we are a retainer company and we don’t believe in long-term contracts (allowing you to choose what’s best for your business).

    With Wurkplace you will have access to our small team of highly-qualified experts who will then match you with one of our fully-qualified HR Consultants (based in the UK) providing personalised HR advice and support, suited to your company and its specific needs.

    Our dedicated HR Helpline and Email service are for the use of your managers and internal HR team as and when you need us.

    Our HR management can give your business expert support with a large range of HR issues and with Employment Law advice, including:

    Dealing with these issues can often be time-consuming, disruptive and expensive. Wurkplace can deal with these issues, this allows your business to focus on what’s important to you.

    You will have access to your HR Consultant whenever you need it, they can provide you with reassurance and professional guidance. If you want to know more about our services and how they can help you, click here to contact us!

    Our Members Suite

    As one of our Wurkplace clients, you will have access to our dedicated client portal accessed online – through our website to keep you up to date!

    You will then have access to:

    HR Management Services

    Our team of HR Professionals can help you with:
    • Employee Contracts – Reviewing your existing employee contracts, checking for consistency and legal compliance. Once reviewed, the team will put in place a consistent employee contract structure at a user or role level. Contracts can be tailored to suit your organisation. Contracts can be stored at a user level, using our online HR solution.

    • Employee Handbook – Providing your employees and new starters with an employee handbook. We can create this for you and ensure an electronic audit trail to show new employees have received this and accepted receipt. Our team will always keep this updated with the latest policies and procedures.

    • HR Audit – A full audit of your existing processes with our recommendations if required built into a fully costed action plan.

    • HR System – Implementation of a compliant HR System which allows you to securely store important documents including personnel files.

    • Employment Law – Handling employment law issues including disciplinary situations, immigration, redundancies, probationary periods, TUPE, disputes, grievances, sickness absence and holidays.

    • Optional Legal Expenses Insurance – To the value of £100,000, to protect you against employment tribunal costs.

    • Monthly HR Updates – Including the latest policies and procedures.

    • Specific Projects – Such as employee onboarding, leadership development programmes or bespoke training packages.

    Legal Compliance

    We will always ensure that you have robust and legally compliant essential documents to give you the peace of mind that you need. We will conduct a review of your Employee Handbook and Contracts of Employments providing expert feedback and ensuring that your documents are up to date, legal and fit for purpose.

    HR Support FAQ

    As an organisation that provides HR support for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to people management within teams.
    The definition of human resource support is "The department or support systems responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, applicant tracking, skills development and tracking, benefits administration, and compliance with associated government regulations."
    The seven HR basics are recruitment & selection, performance management, learning & development, succession planning, compensation and benefits, HR information systems, and HR data & analytics.

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