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No business is immune to the occasional people problem, it happens to everyone. So why not use Wurkplace’s HR consultancy team, offering expert HR services and support for UK businesses for a competitive monthly fixed fee.

Wurkplace has acted on behalf of Manor House Stables LP for many years now in relation to HR, Health and Safety and Training. We are delighted with the service the company provides to ensure compliance with current rules and regulations and we would not hesitate to recommend Wurkplace’s work, knowledge and enthusiasm in all three disciplines.
Manor House Stables
Wurkplace Client Of 10 Years
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    Are You Looking For Expert hR Consultancy Services For Your Business?

    Then you have come to the right place! We have a fast response time and expert professional service, Wurkplace can ensure your business processes are compliant for every aspect of HR.

    We have a fast response time and expert professional service, Wurkplace can ensure your business processes are compliant for every aspect of HR.

    Get a quick quote using our fixed fee tool, or you can call our number – 0330 400 5490. We don’t use call centres meaning you’ll get to speak to one of our qualified HR experts directly from the get-go!

    From the onset, you will be matched with and assigned a dedicated highly-trained professional HR Consultant who will aim to grow with and know/understand you and your company’s challenges.

    Your consultant will be available to assist you with any queries you may have, no matter how big or small.

    We know that through the COVID-19 pandemic, many things have changed and there are lots of new laws and legislation.

    If you want some support or guidance getting used to the new normal, Wurkplace can help, our dedicated team can handle all your documentation to ensure you’re all up to date!

    Our HR Consultancy Services

    We provide a plethora of amazing services to our many happy clients.

    Those services include (but not limited to):

    As part of our HR Consultancy service, we provide you with a suite of manager packs and standard letters. This is to help guide you through common human resource challenges.

    We aid you in making sure all of your paperwork and documentation is legally compliant, saving you from unnecessary legal issues and fines. In addition to this, secure, cloud-based storage is offered through the online Software we use.

    This Software enables online access to Handbooks/Guides for your Management Team as well as a complete solution for management of employee records, e.g. sickness/absence reporting, return to work, holiday authorisation and performance management.

    With Wurkplace, we can customise all these services to your unique company – some things don’t work for everybody and we know that. With our bespoke service, everything is designed to fit around you and your business.

    Using an online HR software allows you to easily and quickly monitor and track your employee’s performance.

    Using an app or PC to clock-in and out, report absences, track job applicants and do your payroll will save you hours every week, and improve accuracy.

    It also aids with the legal side of things – having a digital receipt (evidence) to prove your employees have read your handbook and terms of employment.

    This can reduce the likelihood of staff claiming unfair dismissal if you were to have issues with them.

    Our HR Consultants will make sure all your paperwork is compliant with all UK and any International laws that may apply.

    If you feel like you want even more cover, you can also bolt on our Legal expenses insurance add on. This allows you to be protected for up to £100,000 in employment tribunal costs.

    Out of hours phone and email support is available for employment law issues including:

    How Are We Different From Other HR Consultancies?

    We have a small, UK-based team of experienced and highly-qualified HR experts, who provide a people-focused service – we want what’s right for you.

    We don’t do a general HR plan, we customise every step of the way to ensure our service fits you and your company. If you’re feeling fed up with your current outsource HR provider then you might want to try Wurkplace.

    No matter how small or large your business is, we can help! We can provide you with a full HR package or just Ad-Hoc support, depending on what is best for you.

    Wurkplace gives competitive price and fully-costed services to SME businesses, who may have the resources for a full in-house HR team. We also do not believe in long-term contracts, meaning you have full control of your HR services!

    Wurkplace’s HR Consultancy service provides a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest HR advice and Employment Law changes. For more information about our outsourced HR solutions and consulting, fill in our online contact form or call on 0330 400 5490.

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