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Wurkplace offers a market-leading HR Management System. This online paperless solution ensures that all of your HR requirements are supported, this improves the accuracy of your data and helps to save the environment!

The online HR resource uses the latest cloud technology so all of your documents can be accessed from anywhere and can be shared with other relevant people in the company.

With one click you can have a complete overview of your business, from benchmarking statistics through to automated holiday approvals.

We really appreciate all the support and guidance Wurkplace has given us with our company’s HR – Their customised solutions help us stay in compliance with HR laws, providing us with HR document templates and tailored employee handbooks. Also, the HR management system Wurkplace use has improved our HR efficiency. They have a great team, with a lot of experience and it really shows!
Mick Hadley, World Wide Travel
Wurkplace Client Of 5 Years
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    Are You Looking For An Expert HR Management system For Your Business?

    Are you fed up of your existing outsource HR company or HR Management System? Before you renew your contract, you should consider using Wurkplace!

    We’re a UK based team – we don’t use call centres, which means you get to speak directly to one of our HR experts.

    Additionally, we don’t believe in long-term contracts which allows you to stay in control of your business.

    HR Database

    So, what exactly does the HR and Health & Safety database do?

    Performance Management Tools

    Having access to the latest performance management tools makes it easy to monitor and track your employee’s progress within your company – this can improve staff retention!

    These tools include:


    You have the option of pre-designed reports or creating your own bespoke versions, for a more personal touch.

    The reports provide you with a complete overview of your workforce demographics, including:


    An optional applicant tracking system which gives you complete control over all aspects of your recruitment pipeline. This allows you to set our clear requirements for job vacancies – helping you find the best possible employees.

    This system includes:

    The HR Management system integrates with a secure fingerprint clocking system. The clocking system automatically feeds the employee data into the HR system so that you don’t have to.

    Wurkplace also offers an outsourced payroll service that can use the clocking system and the HR system to integrate with Sage payroll to provide an efficient end to end service. We get rid of all the HR hassle!

    The System aims to improve the efficiency and flexibility of your staff, freeing up time so that you can focus on running your business. If you become one of our clients you will have full access to all of the above through our exclusive member’s suite.

    If you would prefer, we can completely manage the system for you so you don’t have to worry. With online help resources and the Wurkplace dedicated advisors, your business will be supported 24/7. Our expert HR Managers have got you covered!

    Wurkplace's Members Suite

    If you decide you want to use Wurkplace for your HR Management needs you will get exclusive access to our Members Suite. This is a dedicated client portal that’s accessed through our website.

    The Members Suite includes – all of the Managers Guides that will accompany Employee Handbooks, the accompanying template documents for the Managers Guides, GDPR documentation, Policy Updates and a quarterly bulletin on Employment Law.

    Benefits Of Using A HR Management System?

    1. Increased accuracy – Having an automated and integrated system reduces the likelihood of human error.
    2. Saving time – By having one system rather than multiple it allows employees to see all key information in one place. Also having an automated system speeds up processes that are usually performed by staff – giving them more time to do the real work.
    3. Centralised system – All your data will be collected, stored, analysed and updated in one place.
    4. Improved reporting and analysis – built-in reporting and analytics tools which allow reports to be generated easily, rather than filling out spreadsheets for hours.

    Can the Wurkplace Shop Help?

    Of course! If you would prefer to buy one-off manager’s guide products like our Data Protection and Confidentiality Guide, Parental Leave Guide or Monthly Performance Review, these are available for a one time purchase – with no unexpected fees! Click here to be taken over to our shop.

    Having access to these products may be useful for your company if you already have a good HR system, but want the ease of mind knowing your documents have been produced by our HR experts.

    All products that we provide are legally compliant and always kept up to date, so you can keep up with ever-changing legislation.

    As we deal with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wurkplace understands that getting used to the new normal can be challenging – especially when legislation can change so quickly.

    We provide documents relating to Coronavirus policies including furlough leave and temporary changes to general policies and procedures.

    Our shop can also provide your company with one-off documents and guides for Health & Safety matters, for example; our First Aid Checklist or Accident Form.

    Wurkplace can provide you with all the support you need – whether that consists of the odd manager’s guide that you require or a full HR overhaul. We’ve got you covered.

    For further details, call our team on 0330 400 5490 or book your free demo of the Human Resources Management System here.

    HR Management System FAQ

    As an organisation that provides HR management systems for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to people management within teams.

    The main areas of HR are talent Management, Training and Development, HR Compliance, Workplace safety, Benefits and Compensation.

    Job analysis, Recruitment, Training and development, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits, Employee to Employer Relations, Managerial Relations.

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