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Guidelines and regulations that govern our company's human resources policies and procedures

Get ready to unleash your full potential with our empowering and uplifting human resource policies. We exist to inspire, uplift and support our valued employees every step of the way, helping them surpass their goals and reach new heights in an incredibly positive, dynamic and productive work environment. Our focus on employee growth and development ensures that our team is constantly advancing and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and our dedicated team, you’ll have all the support you need to achieve your dreams and reach your full potential.

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Our Human Resources prioritise the well-being and professional development of our employees. We believe that a positive and inclusive workplace culture leads to better company performance overall. Our policies adhere strictly to legal requirements and ethical standards relating to fair employment practices. Employees can expect clear guidelines across various HR-related topics such as hiring procedures, training and development plans, performance assessments, employee benefits, and disciplinary procedures. Our open-door policy encourages employees to discuss concerns and seek support from HR representatives. We strive to create an atmosphere that fosters teamwork, diversity, and individual growth. Check out the CIPD fact sheet HERE

As a growing SME we require ongoing HR support. Wurkplace acts as our in-house HR department. For a fixed monthly fee we receive unlimited HR email and telephone support.We have our own dedicated HR advisor who has assisted us with high-quality advice and helped us through a few tricky HR situations. Invaluable and highly recommended.
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“Looking for ways to simplify and improve your company’s HR? Our team can help you streamline your HR processes, from onboarding new hires to managing benefits and time off. With our expert guidance and innovative HR technology, you’ll save time, reduce errors and improve compliance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your company’s HR policies.

Standard HR Policy Examples

Standard HR policies are integral to any organisation as they provide a framework for managing employees and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. In the UK, there are several examples of standard HR policies that companies can adopt, including policies on equal opportunities, harassment and discrimination, employee privacy, and performance management. These policies are designed to ensure fair treatment of employees and protect organisations from potential legal liabilities.

A good HR policy should be clear, concise, and accessible to all employees. It should outline the company’s expectations for behaviour and guide how to handle challenging situations such as workplace conflicts. Additionally, they should be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain relevant and up-to-date with changing legal requirements.

By implementing standard HR policies, companies in the UK can create a supportive and inclusive work environment that promotes employee wellbeing and helps to attract and retain top talent.

Essential UK Legal Policies

Every business needs essential UK legal policies, including data protection, privacy, anti-bribery, discrimination, and whistleblowing. A data protection one is key during GDPR. A privacy policy explains how customer data is handled. A whistleblowing one encourages employees to report concerns. Lastly, anti-discrimination and anti-bribery show a company’s zero tolerance for such behaviour. 

The Importance of HR Policies for Your Business

HR is crucial for all businesses, no matter their size or industry. These policies diminish risk, streamline procedures, and maintain workplace productivity. By establishing explicit expectations, HR policies minimize conflicts, misunderstandings, and legal problems. They also instil a positive work culture, elevate employee engagement and retention, and foster impartiality. Ultimately, effective HR policies are indispensable for a company’s prosperity and longevity. Dedicate time and resources to create the appropriate policy for your organisation.

Human Resource Policies FAQ

As an organisation that provides Human Resource Policies for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to people management within teams.

The main HR policies would be Employmnet contract, Time keeping & Wages, Holidays, sexual harassment, Restrictive clauses in employment contract, Health & Safety, Employee conduct. These are just a few Wurkplace can help eliminate the risk by supporting you in all the above areas. Wurkplace also provide comprehensive HR Policy Training to get you and your team up to speed.

Here are a few types of human resource policies: At-will employment, Anti-harassment and non-discrimination, Employment classifications, Leave and time off benefits, Meal and break periods, Timekeeping and pay, Safety and health, Employee conduct, attendance and punctuality.

HR policies, procedures establish a framework to help to manage people. They cover everything from Recruitment through to Employee and Employer relationship ensuring employees are clear about procedures and rules, are how managers can go about resolving issues if they arise.

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