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Wurkplace offers a wide-ranging Leadership Development Programme as a part of our HR Services. We aren’t like our competitors; we offer fully customisable services that are specific to your company and its needs.
Wurkplace has transformed our way of dealing with HR-related challenges and the training has had a significant impact on attitude and performance. They understand our requirements and business model rather than offer a template solution. The whole team have been a pleasure to work with and provided valuable support both on and off-site.
Merlin PCB Group
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    Are You Looking For Leadership Development Programmes For Your Business?

    This bespoke programme is created to develop your existing managers and any managers of the future you may employ – equipping them with the capability and skill set to help create a culture of engagement and autonomy, whilst promoting fairness and an efficient way of working.

    Ultimately, our focus is on delivering consistent results through your employees and management.

    Our leadership development programme can be tailored to suit anybody who has responsibility for managing and leading; Directors, Managers and Supervisors.

    With each of these roles having different responsibilities; Wurkplace will ensure that the Programme meets the individual’s needs as well as your organisational requirements.

    We want to help you develop capable and adaptable leaders to take your business further.

    One of our specialist Training and Development practitioners will meet with you to discuss and gain an understanding of the aims and objectives of your business.

    From this discussion, the Programme will be created ensuring that it is 100% tailored to your organisational needs for how you want to develop leadership skills in your employees. Our Programme will then be delivered by our dedicated specialist over a pre-agreed timescale.

    The Leadership Development Programme can include (albeit not limited to)

    At Wurkplace, we know your company requires strong and confident leaders who are able to adapt and solve the issues of tomorrow. Each of your leaders is unique and what is effective for one, may not be for others. With this in mind, we’ve created a leadership development programme that can be personalised to your staff, making the most of their current skills and developing them further.

    Our training for leaders will actively engage with your leadership staff, ensuring they take in and retain the course content with question sections and a range of multimedia resources (text, audio and video). We provide assessment and feedback to help track your leader’s progress and aid them in their weak areas. This ensures your staff understand the course and their development which allows them to improve significantly.

    How is Wurkplace's Leader Development Programme different from competitors'?

    Unlike larger outsourced HR companies, we have a small people-focused team that gets to know your business before we offer any advice. This ensures that you get the right support that your unique company needs, instead of having a more generalist approach.

    Our team is based in the UK – you won’t get stuck with a call centre worker, you’ll speak directly to one of our experts immediately. Wurkplace offers personalised HR services to companies big and small, with our dedicated team of qualified experts you’re guaranteed a bespoke service that suits your business.

    Additionally, we offer focused Manager Development Modules and a wide range of other extensive online training courses that utilise innovative E-Learning. These courses can help improve welfare, safety and protect your staff with an extensive library of training courses such as Manual Handling, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), Emergency First Aid at Work and many more.

    For the creation of a bespoke leadership development programme, call 0330 400 5490 and speak to an expert.

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