An efficient Performance Management Process is crucial in any business. Companies can often face issues with high staff turnover and employee retention if processes aren’t embedded in their business.

Good communication, managment training and staff systems are the place to start, to enable effective personal development, gain trust and retain good staff.  

Our performance management processes, training and systems are completely tailored to your organisation requirements.  Wurkplace has a team of experienced HR consultants who will work with your line managers, to enable effective training, covering all aspects of performance management and staff conduct.

Performance Management Training

Engaged staff are more likely to do their best for your organisation. Wurkplace’s training enables your management team to ensure staff are engaged, working to target and following an effective development programme to provide your business with the skills needed to grow and achieve to annual business targets.  Training covers:-

  • Performance standards
  • Skill and competencies
  • Business objectives and introduction of SMART employee objectives/targets
  • Employee development requirements
  • Employee issues

To ensure performance is tracked and continuously monitored, the company offers a leading HR Software.  People HR monitors employee performance in one central location. The system offers:-

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Case Study

A leading document management company named cleardata came to us seeking full HR support and an implementation of a brand new HR system.

cleardata are a fast-growing business that is based in Newcastle, with offices now in London and Hawarden and they specialise in document scanning, data capture, archive storage and document processing services.

When they approached us, cleardata had no real HR procedures in place and they were operating on old contracts and handbooks, which needed an urgent update. There were no director contracts or job roles in place, and we needed to change this quickly.

cleardata had good management in places, but HR had been placed on the backburner because of the fast-growing rate of the business. This is why cleardata enlisted Wurkplace’s help to give them structure and updated their procedures. We went in and gave them a full action plan, which was analysed over a 30/60/90 day period.

There was a lot of work to be done regarding their contracts, so we reconstructed them and split them into contracts for directors, managers and employees. They also needed a way to manage their staff more effectively and a system for keeping track of holidays, absence, etc. Lucky for them, Wurkplace had the answer.

The implementation of our HR system provided cleardata with the easily management tool they needed, allowing them to track holidays and absence easier. This was good news for the payroll department, as they were able to keep track of this information and implement it into the system.

Now that all of these new procedures had been put in place, things were a lot easier to manage. Two years on and cleardata are now taking out more management and training courses with us, training their directors and managers. We look forward to continuingly working with them for years to come.

“Wurkplace have been an essential part of shaping cleardata to what it is today. We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication they provided when it came to establishing structure in the business. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for all of our HR needs. We’re excited to keep working alongside Wurkplace for the foreseeable future.”

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