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At Wurkplace, we know how important it is to review your employee’s performance at work in order to help them achieve their full potential.


We are not like other HR companies, we have a small team of fully-qualified HR experts that focus on personalising our services to you! With no long-term commitments or contracts, we leave you in control of your business.


An efficient and effective Performance Management Process is crucial in any business.

The Fragrance Shop has benefited from working with Wurkplace for a number of years now, they’ve been giving us amazing health & safety and online training services and advice. The team at Wurkplace are highly-qualified, experienced and always happy to go the extra mile to help, we would recommend them to anyone looking for HR, health & safety or training for their business
The Fragrance Shop
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    Are You Looking For Expert Performance Management For Your Business?

    Companies can often face issues with high staff turnover and employee retention if correct processes aren’t embedded in their business. Good communication, management training and staff systems are the place to start, to enable effective personal development, gain trust and retain good staff. Your employees are much more likely to stay with your business when they have regular contact and feedback from management – keeping morale high!


    Our HR management performance software system allows you to track your staff’s progress in your company and see areas for improvement. Our software allows you to track and compare performance scores for employees, this allows for your high-flyers to be rewarded and helps to identify those who may require more training.


    Our performance management processes, training and systems are completely tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Wurkplace has a team of experienced HR consultants who will work with your line managers, to enable effective training, covering all aspects of performance management and staff conduct.

    What Is Performance Management?

    Engaged staff are much more likely to do their best for you and your organisation. Wurkplace’s bespoke training enables your management team to ensure staff are engaged, working to target and following an effective development programme to provide your business with the skills needed to grow and to achieve annual business targets.

    This training covers:

    To ensure performance is tracked and continuously monitored, the company offers a leading HR Software. People HR monitors employee performance in one central location.

    The system offers:

    Additionally, we can provide your company with an extensive library of online training courses – these include (but not limited to): DSE (Display Screen Equipment), Safeguarding and much more. We can also provide full Manager Development Modules to help you and your management team get up to speed.

    Benefits Of Performance Management

    1. Higher Staff Morale – Employees can identify where they’re working best and improve skills they may be lacking which can help them become more productive and happier at work.
    2. Outlines Training Needs – Easier to track employees performance and see where there is a need for further training which could save you money in the long term!
    3. Highlights Employees that Deserve Promotion – It is far easier to identify your top performers, ensuring the right employees can progress through your company.
    4. Increases Retention – With clearer objectives and goals more staff are likely to stay within your company, motivated to achieve/surpass goals.

    You can request a free demo of the system now or call our team of HR specialists on 0330 400 5490 to find out more about our performance management tools.

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