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Wurkplace has a wide range of amazing bespoke staff training and development programmes available for staff development and manager training. Our trainers will meet with you to discuss your requirements and provide a personalised programme to suit your business and individual needs.

As a growing SME we require ongoing HR support. Wurkplace acts as our in-house HR department. For a fixed monthly fee we receive unlimited HR email and telephone support. We have our own dedicated HR advisor who has assisted us with high-quality advice and helped us through a few tricky HR situations. Invaluable and highly recommended.
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    Are You Looking For Staff Training And Development For Your Business?

    We are a UK-based team, getting to know you and your company is important to us. We then provide a fully customised service (HR, Health & Safety and/or Training) to ensure you get what’s best for you. We don’t use call centres – so when you call us you will be put through directly to one of our HR experts, they can help with any queries and give professional advice.

    A company’s staff is the most essential part to achieve its business goals. It makes sense to invest in your employee’s talents – to help your company grow, close the skills gap and have a low staff turnover! Your staff are the key to your company’s success, having highly-trained dedicated staff will allow your business to thrive.

    Training can be delivered on-site, on a one to one basis or to a group of people. Sessions can be built to suit the various levels of your Management Team from Directors to Managers, Supervisors or administrative/operational staff.

    We also offer extensive online training courses, which is especially useful with the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilising technology to allow staff to follow social distancing rules and even do the training from home if necessary.

    Our Staff Training and Development Training Courses

    We provide a number of different staff training and development courses, which you can find more information about below.


    HR Policies and Practices

    This helps your managers to implement your employee handbook effectively and ensures it is legally compliant. Our HR Policies Training course will explain key HR Policies and Practices and how to put them into practice. It will explain the role that line managers play and how to engage staff effectively.

    Performance Management

    This will demonstrate how to get the most out of your team, effective communication, issue management, staff reviews/appraisals and absence management. With clear objectives and goals, your staff will have increased motivation and morale which can increase staff retention.


    Understand the importance of effective communication, identify barriers to communication, explain body language, how to listen effectively and identify preferred communication styles. Communication is a key component in any business’s success!

    The staff training and development programmes often include

    There are many advantages to investing in the training and development of your staff. These include (but not limited to):

    1. Improved quality of work and productivity – When staff have been properly trained their performance and efficiency will increase and they will have a boost in motivation.
    2. Reduced staff turnover – Employees that have been appropriately trained will feel valued and more confident in their ability to do the job, this motivates them to stay with their company. It can also attract new staff to the company, improving your workforce further!
    3. Identifies strengths and weaknesses – Training works with employees strengths and can help support areas they may struggle with. This helps staff to achieve their full potential and can increase efficiency.
    4. Increased job satisfaction – When employees feel they don’t have the skills they need, they may end up losing motivation to do their job. Training and development allow your staff to gain confidence in their job performance and essentials skills, this increases their morale and job satisfaction!
    5. Improves the company’s image and reputation – Gives the option for good training and development of your staff which can attract mid-career or graduate staff to join your company. Having a well-developed and trained company staff will improve the reputation of the company with other businesses and with potential/current employees.

    If you need help with developing your management team and motivate your employees to get started with our bespoke development courses today – call 0330 400 5490 or visit our online contact form.

    HR Support FAQ

    As an organisation that provides HR support for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to people management within teams.
    The definition of human resource support is "The department or support systems responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, applicant tracking, skills development and tracking, benefits administration, and compliance with associated government regulations."
    The seven HR basics are recruitment & selection, performance management, learning & development, succession planning, compensation and benefits, HR information systems, and HR data & analytics.

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