Wurkplace provides HR Transport Services.  From the interview stage to recruiting to managing performance, Wurkplace put in place the correct policies and implement procedures.  These services can help protect your business against fines for non-compliance by ensuring your business stays up to date with the latest employment legislation.

HR Transport Services

Interview StageHuman Resources Outsourcing Services

When interviewing a prospective employee for a job in transport you must first investigate if they have proof of eligibility to work in the UK.  It is also imperative that they have a valid driving license – you can view their driving record and penalty points through a Vehicle Check Code from the DVLA.  To do this you will need the permission of the prospective employee and their national insurance number.

If you are interviewing for a public transport position interviewees must undertake a DBS check.

Employee Induction

The employee induction offers you the opportunity to file all employee information and documents such as driver’s license, driving record, etc. It is also the time to officially show your new employee the ropes including any standard training and what their job entails.  You should also issue and discuss the Employee Handbook, the Employment Contract, Job Description and Health and Safety requirements.

Wurkplace’s HR Management System is a paperless storage application that allows you to securely keep sensitive information in one place which many businesses find invaluable.

Flexible Working

Irregular hours and the transport industry go hand in hand.  Wurkplace can provide a Biometric system that employees will clock in with using their fingerprint.  This can automatically feed the data into the HR Management System minimising paperwork.

Absence Management

If employees don’t show up, people or goods don’t get picked up.  Managing absence efficiently and quickly will help minimise employee time off and ensure continuity in your operation.

Working Time Directive

There are many different regulations surrounding vehicle operations.  Wurkplace are available to advise and support if required.

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