ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Certification

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    ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Certification

    The environment performance of a company is paramount to a lot of different stakeholders due to the rising increase of issues such as global warming. Therefore, if you are a company looking to tender for work from an official government organisation, you need an official certification to prove that you are committed to protecting the environment.

    There are many benefits to achieving a 14001 Certification, in addition to significantly boosting your company’s chances of landing a lucrative public sector tender. Many private sector tenders also now require certification and certain industry sectors also now have strict regulatory and legal requirement that must be met to work with that industry.

    An Environmental Management System is an official certification that promotes commitment to a systematic approach to environmental protection and to a model of continuous improvement.

    Essentially, it proves that you and your company are environmentally friendly and have the ability to work while being as safe and energy saving as possible.

    ISO 14001 is internationally recognised as the standard for environmental management proficiency. It is viewed to be the ‘Gold Standard’ by a wide array of companies including most government departments and corporate organisations and even some individual consumer clients. This allows for a large commercial advantage to those looking to achieve a UKAS accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

    There are many benefits that come with the use of an Environmental Management System. These benefits can be summarised into three distinct categories: Competitiveness, Costs and Reputation.

    What makes an Environmental Management System so useful is that they are applicable to almost any organisation, meaning that if you have one, it will be recognised and consider of significant value by almost any business you want to do business with. Most companies who get themselves a certification in an Environmental Management System are small to medium sized companies who are looking to expand and grow in the future, so if that applies to you then this is definitely something you should consider.

    ISO 14001 is considered essential to the most discerning consumers worldwide. The implementation of an Environmental Management System allows many previously un-accessible markets to be opened up to you and your company, meaning more business.

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