ISO 45001 – A Global Occupational Health And Safety Certification

ISO 45001 - A Global Occupational Health And Safety Certification

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Improving your health and safety is one of the best ways to overall improve your business performance in the eyes of other organisations. Hence, the ISO 45001.

Released in March 2018, this standard allows you to control management system integration with other ISO standards, this provides a more streamlined approach to multiple system management.

The organisations who already have the OHSAS 18001 are able to transfer over to a new standard to ensure that the health and safety practices are in line with today’s environment and the environment in the future.

The importance of effective health and safety management is that it is widely recognised by all employees, contractors, insurers, contractors, regulatory agencies and stakeholders. Health and Safety is a primary concern to many all around the globe. As this is an internationally recognised standard, this will be a big benefit for you and your business as it will help you with all future ventures.

Achieving the ISO 45001 Occupational Health And Safety Certification

There is a specific process for successfully achieving your certification, these include:

There are many benefits that come from using a Health and Safety management system, these include:

Did you know that you can integrate your ISO 45001 management system with other systems as a way of saving money? The Integrated Management Systems are able to cover the requirements of all three standards with one single streamlined management systems.

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