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Complete Outsourced HR Services for Wirral Businesses

They say a business is only as good as the people working for it. Employers want the best people for the job, and they want those people at their best. That’s where HR services Wirral come in. It can be expensive and time-consuming to have an in-house HR department, particularly in small businesses without many employees or large companies with too many to keep track of.

Outsource your HR needs to Wurkplace and let us take care of all your HR problems with the help of our Wirral HR services.

At Brimark Signs, we have been using the HR system for a long time and it has revolutionised our HR administration. Long gone are the days of HR paperwork! In addition to this, our staff love having online access to book holidays too. We would be lost without it now.
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Outsourced HR Services Provided To Businesses

Our team will help with any aspect of HR and managing employees, including handling hiring and firing and dealing with employment law problems.

Performance Management

Every business needs robust performance management systems in place. These management systems ensure that you hire the best talent and earn their trust. Companies should maintain healthy communication procedures with employees and give them the chance to train and move up the corporate ladder.At Wurkplace, we build our performance management processes around what you need. Count on our HR consultants to create training programs with the help of line managers to improve staff conduct and performance.

Employee Contracts

We can help your business manage employee contracts. The first thing we do is review current agreements to ensure they are consistent. Once we’ve helped with existing contracts, we put together a structure for any future contracts. Build new contracts around this structure, and you’ll never have to worry about compliance or consistency in contracts again.

Employee Handbooks

If your business doesn’t have an employee handbook yet, then it’s time to change that. Even if you already have one, we can help to create a more efficient and effective version. The employee handbook gives employees all the necessary information they need to know, including how they should conduct themselves and important company procedures.

We can easily edit handbooks with updated policies and regulations. We also have a system in place that lets us know when employees have received their copy of the employee handbook.

HR System

As part of our HR support services, the HR system is where we store all important documents and employee records. You’ll have a system that lets you keep track of absences, vacations, sick days, training, and more – all in a single location.

Employment Law

Having to navigate the different facets of employment law can be tricky. Leave things to our experts, and let us take care of any legal issues surrounding your employees. We can assist with everything from redundancies and disputes to TUPE and probationary periods. We also offer a separate insurance policy to cover up to £100,000 in legal fees related to legal disputes with employees.

Help With Specific Projects

The team at Wurkplace is more than happy to help manage specific projects for your business. Talk to us about anything you need help with. Whether it’s employee training, leadership development, or something in-between, we are there to help.

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