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Leadership & Management Development

Wurkplace creates and delivers bespoke Management and Leadership Development programmes to businesses across the board.  The aim of the programme is to develop existing managers and the managers of the future.  The programme will equip them with the capability and skills to help create a culture of engagement and autonomy, as well as promoting fairness and an efficient way of working.

The job of managing is becoming more and more difficult with many different issues faced.  The 21st century management and leadership challenges include:

  • Constant change
  • Increasing complexity of organisational structure
  • Growing international competition
  • New technologies such as mobile phones and tablets
  • Tough economic climate
  • Consumer demands
  • Rise of social media
  • Environmental concerns

Studies have shown that getting the correct mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills and practices can have impact on organisational performance in terms of profit, sales, growth and survival.

A Wurkplace practitioner can meet with you to discuss and gain an understanding of the aims and objectives of your business. From this discussion, the Programme will be created, ensuring that it is completely bespoke to your organisational needs. The Programme will then be delivered by a dedicated specialist over a pre-agreed timescale.

For further details about our bespoke Management and Leadership development programmes, call 0330 400 5490 or contact us using our online contact form.

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