Here at Wurkplace, we offer a variety of outsourced Health & Safety, HR and Online Training services to a diverse range of industries – Including mechanical engineering! We pride ourselves in providing a bespoke service, getting to know our clients first, so we can offer you the best solutions for your business.

Mechanical Engineering can be very challenging at times, but also very rewarding – manufacturing and maintaining machinery combines subjects like computing, maths and science. This could be the reason Health & Safety and HR are oftentimes overlooked in the industry. Don’t worry, Wurkplace has got you covered!

We have a team of experienced and highly-qualified Health & Safety and HR experts, dedicated to providing a personal service to those in mechanical engineering. We’re not like other outsourcing companies – we don’t use long-term contracts or call centres, which allows you to retain control of your services and get the support you need from the get-go.


Mechanical Engineering Health and Safety

What are the top 3 Health and Safety issues in mechanical engineering?

  1. Manual HandlingApproximately ⅓ of health-related absences from work are caused by musculoskeletal disorders, research has shown. Most of the musculoskeletal disorders in mechanical engineering are caused by manual handling activities.

    Employers should avoid any manual handling where reasonably practical by providing equipment like lifting aids to remove this risk. We offer manual handling training that can be tailored to your workplace to reduce your engineer’s risk of potentially related accidents.

  2. Emery Cloth Accidents – Emery cloth (similar to sandpaper but sturdier) can cause accidents when the cloth gets tangled in rotating parts of machinery.

    HSE states accidents involving emery cloth can be very serious and can even cause deaths! Wurkplace offers bespoke risk assessments that assess and control any potential risks involving emery cloth use, keeping your engineering staff safe.

  3. Exposure to Noise – Working in mechanical engineering can expose workers to dangerous levels of noise, which could cause both short and long-term hearing loss!

    It’s the employer’s responsibility to reduce these risks; this can be done by providing PPE, placing barriers between loud equipment and purchasing quieter equipment. Our noise awareness training course can reduce the likelihood of noise-related injuries!

  4. Wurkplace provides bespoke, outsourced Health and Safety services to mechanical engineering companies, all over the UK. Our Health and Safety experts can visit mechanical engineering sites and offices, then offer personalised solutions to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors and the general public.

    What can our Health and Safety consultants help the mechanical engineering industry with?


    Mechanical Engineering HR

    What are the top 3 HR issues in mechanical engineering?

    1. Developing Staff – Making sure all your mechanical engineering staff know all the HR policies and how things work is the responsibility of HR departments.

      It can sometimes be overlooked when focusing on important projects but it plays a key role in your company’s success. Wurkplace offers HR training courses that help your staff develop into their roles and keeps your mechanical engineering company compliant with HR legislation!

    2. HR Admin Work – Completing general HR admin work (for example – payroll, employee information & attendance, sending out documents/reminders, policy rollout, etc) can reduce the time your engineers spend on your company’s projects.

      These tasks can often be repetitive and monotonous but our online HR system can help! The system we use automates all these tasks from one central system, which research has shown improves the efficiency of HR processes.

    3. Managing Performance – When working on a mechanical engineering project, managerial staff may struggle to properly track and manage employees job performance, as many engineering sites have lots of work that needs to be done. We offer training like the principles of performance management, which can help boost performance by setting goals and giving staff feedback.

      Wurkplace also offers bespoke, outsourced HR services to UK businesses in the mechanical engineering sector! No industry is immune from occasional people problems – Our HR experts can provide a personal service, ensuring all your HR paperwork is compliant and looking after your engineer’s needs.

      What can our HR consultants help the mechanical engineering industry with?

      • Full Mechanical Engineering HR Audit – Initially, we will do a full HR audit of all your mechanical engineering policies & procedures; giving you our recommendations on how to improve. Then, annually we will review this to ensure you’re following UK laws and regulations.
      • Online HR Software – Our consultants can help implement our amazing online HR software system! This centralises and automates HR processes (like payroll), allows you to track your engineer’s progress and attendance, stores all your HR documents and aids with recruitment (following and comparing applicants).
      • Bespoke Staff Contracts & Handbooks – We can provide all your mechanical engineering staff with customised contacts and handbooks. These ensure legal compliance by including terms of employment and HR policies!
      • HR Training Courses – Training staff on all relevant HR policies & procedures in mechanical engineering, and developing their skills like communication or leadership.
      • Employment Law Support – Our HR consultants are experienced in dealing with employment law issues in the mechanical engineering sector.
      • Legal Insurance – As an optional extra, we can offer legal insurance for protection from legal fees (up to the value of £100,000).
      • Monthly HR Updates – Once a month, we will provide you with any changes to HR legislation that could affect the mechanical engineering sector, allowing you to stay compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations!


      Mechanical Engineering Health & Safety and HR Training

      Wurkplace has a large assortment of bespoke Health & Safety and HR training courses for the mechanical engineering sector, which can be done online or on-site. These courses allow for peace of mind; knowing all your engineering staff can perform their job safely and allowing them to develop further!

      Our extensive range of training courses allows workers in the mechanical engineering industry to develop effective leadership and management skills – Which allows you to promote your existing staff, instead of having to recruit new staff.

      Our Health & Safety and HR courses that relate to the mechanical engineering sector include:

      • Manual Handling
      • Personal Protective Equipment
      • Noise Awareness
      • Principles Of Performance Management
      • Leadership Skills
      • Developing Teamwork
      • Introduction to Risk Assessments
      • Emergency First Aid at Work
      • Abrasive Wheels
      • Display Screen Equipment

      Our course modules allow for 3 attempts to gain a pass mark, which is needed to move on to the next module; after the third attempt, our experts can give your staff assistance to progress. The training courses are approved by IOSH & RoSPA and accredited by the CPD!

      Once you mechanical engineering employees finish a training course, they will receive a certificate of completion which can be added to their record.

      To get more information on our Health & Safety and HR services for mechanical engineering, call 0330 400 5490 or use our online contact form.