Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Complete Mechanical Engineering HR and Health & Safety Services

Mechanical Engineering can be very challenging at times, but also very rewarding – manufacturing and maintaining machinery combines subjects like computing, maths and science. This could be the reason Health & Safety, HR and Online Training are oftentimes overlooked in the industry. Don’t worry, Wurkplace has got you covered!

We have been working with mechanical engineering businesses over the years and our Health & Safety and HR consultants have a wealth of experience in this field. We have helped our mechanical engineering clients remain safe at work by creating custom risk assessments with appropriate controls, plus we take care of all the traditional HR admin work!

We are not like other outsourcing companies for Health & Safety and HR – we don’t use long-term contracts or call centres, which allows you to retain control of your services and get the support you need from the get-go. We pride ourselves in delivering a personal service to those in the mechanical engineering sector, allowing work to continue safely.

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Wurkplace has transformed our way of dealing with HR-related challenges and the training has had a significant impact on attitude and performance. They understand our requirements and business model rather than offer a template solution. The whole team have been a pleasure to work with and provided valuable support both on and off-site.
Merlin PBC Group
Wurkplace Client
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    Mechanical Engineering Health and Safety

    What are the top 3 Health and Safety issues in mechanical engineering?

    Wurkplace provides bespoke, outsourced Health and Safety services to mechanical engineering companies, all over the UK. Our Health and Safety experts can visit mechanical engineering sites and offices, then offer personalised solutions to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors and the general public.

    What can our Health and Safety consultants help the mechanical engineering industry with?

    Do You Need Help With HR or Health and Safety in Your Mechanical Engineering Business?

    Mechanical Engineering HR?

    What are the top 3 HR issues in mechanical engineering?

    Wurkplace also offers bespoke, outsourced HR services to UK businesses in the mechanical engineering sector! No industry is immune from occasional people problems – Our HR experts can provide a personal service, ensuring all your HR paperwork is compliant and looking after your engineer’s needs.

    What can our HR consultants help the mechanical engineering industry with?

    Mechanical Engineering Health & Safety and HR Training

    Wurkplace has a large assortment of bespoke Health & Safety and HR training courses for the mechanical engineering sector, which can be done online or on-site. These courses allow for peace of mind; knowing all your engineering staff can perform their job safely and allowing them to develop further!

    Our extensive range of training courses allows workers in the mechanical engineering industry to develop effective leadership and management skills – Which allows you to promote your existing staff, instead of having to recruit new staff.

    Our Health & Safety and HR courses that relate to the mechanical engineering sector include:

    Our course modules allow for 3 attempts to gain a pass mark, which is needed to move on to the next module; after the third attempt, our experts can give your staff assistance to progress. The training courses are approved by IOSH & RoSPA and accredited by the CPD! Once you mechanical engineering employees finish a training course, they will receive a certificate of completion which can be added to their record.

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