Wurkplace provides online Fire Extinguisher training that supplies the knowledge to identify different fire extinguishers showing the protocols of how and when they should be used.This low cost online fire extinguisher training course is approved by RoSPA and compliant with HSE regulations. It can be completed in 25 minutes.

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Online Fire Awareness Course from Wurkplace

The course presents you with virtual simulations to test your newfound knowledge. The simulations will benefit you as it enables you to be trained in your normal work environment which means reduced disruption in workflow.

The Online Fire Extinguisher Training Course consists of 3 modules:

  1. Fire Extinguishers
  2. Pre-engagement action
  3. Using a fire extinguisher

How the course works:

The First module of this course is 100{49e487dc58d82578f23c5c406439cfce3a665cb867e5bfeca07e901d95efa4b4} free. At the end of the module you will be prompted with the option to continue and purchase the course. Each module offers 3 attempts to gain the required pass rate.

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£25 + VAT per candidate

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Case Study

A very successful construction company named Robert Sheppard Construction were interested in trying our online training courses after being a current retainer client for a couple of months.

Robert Sheppard Construction is a family owned company which has now expanded into 4 different sectors; construction, plant hire, housing development and print. The company was established in 2010 and pride themselves on delivering high quality construction projects to clients all across the North West.

Within our retainer, along with the 24/7 service support, you are allocated 5 free online training courses. After using our HR service for several months, (due to our great service) they were happy to join our Payroll service and have recently started using our Health and Safety Online Training Courses.

Because Robert Sheppard Construction is a construction company, they required training in multiple areas, such as manual handling, abrasive wheels, working at heights and more. Therefore, we worked with Robert Sheppard to create the perfect training package with enough courses to cover all of the employees that required training.

Due to the fact that we provide access to our HR system, we were able to easily navigate and find the employees that needed the said training. From there, we were able to allocate courses easily by using their details to give them a license.

Our relationship with Robert Sheppard Construction has started off very strong and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

“Wurkplace has helped us out in many different sectors of the company and we are already much better off because of this. Their continued support has been very helpful in getting our employees fully qualified and trained, and they are always available whenever we need them. We shall continue to work alongside Wurkplace and use their training courses as the business continues to grow.”

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