Proof of Eligibilty to work in the UK
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Proof of Eligibilty to work in the UK

When you hire an employee, you must keep certain information on file and review as and when necessary.  This includes proof of eligibility to work in the UK, which can come in the form of a Passport and Visa documents or the long Birth Certificate.   Along with this proof, you should also keep a record of:

  • Application forms
  • Medical Forms
  • DVLA Records (if necessary)
  • Personal Records, including Emergence contacts

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Consequences of not checking proof of eligibility to work in the UK

From 16th December, a director of a restaurant in Taunton in banned from being involved in any business activity.  It was discovered last year that the director was employing two members of staff without the right to work in the UK.

The director was fined £30,000 and banned for 6 years.  Shortly after prosecution, the restaurant went into liquidation.

Not complying with current Employment legislation evidently has huge consequences.  Since July 2016, any employer found to be hiring a worker with no right to work in the UK is committing an offence.  There is no cap on the fine for this offence and there’s a possibility of up to 5 years imprisonment.

Employers should conduct ‘right to work’ checks to avoid £20,000 fines for each illegal worker found.  Call 0330 400 5490 for guidance on how to conduct checks on proof of eligibility to work in the UK.

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