Do you work in the Restaurant industry? Do you need help maintaining food hygiene and complying with health & safety regulations?

From Online Training to Bookkeeping Services, Wurkplace has the tools to take the risk out of your business.

Here at Wurkplace, we know the potential risks that come with working in the Restaurant industry. Managing food hygiene and working with potentially dangerous equipment can all pose a threat to both employees and customers, so ensuring that your staff are fully trained and aware of the correct procedures is crucial.

Poor employee practises when it comes to food safety can lead to disastrous consequences such as food poisoning and even death in extreme cases. Every single customer that dines in your establishment should be able to trust the food they are being served. Can you safely say that your food hygiene is up to scratch?

If you are not meeting the current legislation, you could be putting yourself at risk of huge fines, claims and even life threatening injuries to your employees and customers.

With so much risk involved, can you really afford to make these mistakes?

Training Courses We Provide

Wurkplace offers a complete range of online training courses and Health & Safety support for the Restaurant industry. Our Food Safety and Hygiene course provides a flexible online training solution for your restaurant’s employees, and can be completed at a time to suit your business and allows your management team to monitor progress/success.  

Our Food Hygiene courses are available in Levels 1 and 2, and are tailor made for the following areas:

All online course are RoSPA approved and compliant with the most recent legislation.

Our Courses Include

It is a legal requirement to have a sufficient number of Fire Marshals on site at all times during operational hours, Wurkplace also offers an online Fire Marshal training courses and other fire safety courses.

Manual Handling and Emergency First Aid training is also available online and onsite.

Health & Safety Services For Restaurants

We can provide a wide range of Health & Safety services for Restaurants, including:

HR Support For Restaurants

Our restaurant Human Resources services can help your business keep up to date with the latest employment law regulations, improving HR processes and protect against fines for non compliance.

Bookkeeping Support For Restaurants

Keeping on top of your books is very time consuming so that’s why Wurkplace offers this restaurant Bookkeeping service.  We can provide you with:

Payroll Support For Restaurants

Wurkplace can also run your payroll, freeing you up even more time!  Payroll services include:

Meeting Food Hygiene Laws And Training Staff

Are you currently planning on opening a new restaurant? Do you already run an establishment but struggle to keep up with food safety legislation?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to meet current food hygiene legislation and providing sufficient training for your employees, we’ve got just the thing. We have recently written an article that takes a look at the main food hygiene laws and the best ways to make sure employees are fully trained and qualified.

Click here to read the full article.