Wurkplace provides outsourced HR, Health & Safety and Online Training services to retail businesses across the whole of the UK – We can give you a full HR and/or Health & Safety service or provide services on an ad-hoc basis.

The retail sector has its own unique set of HR and Health & Safety regulations and issues, our experts can give bespoke solutions for your business. We tailor the service we provide to ensure your staff are happy & supported in their retail job and to keep your customers, staff and visitors safe in your retail venue!

How are we different from other outsource HR and Health & Safety companies? We don’t believe in using long-term contracts with our clients, allowing them to stay in control of their businesses services. We also don’t use any call centres, if you ring our number you’ll be put through to one of our highly-trained experts – Giving you the support and guidance you need from the very start!


Retail HR

Wurkplace offers outsourced HR support services to businesses in the retail industry, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service that’s right for you! All of our services are bespoke, this ensures our solutions work for your retail business, not just general advice and services.

The main HR issues in the retail sector include:

  1. Seasonal Demand – In retail, there are periods of the year where there’s a large increase in demand (like Christmas/new year and back to school). Many businesses in retail hire temporary, seasonal staff to help deal with rises in demand! The online HR system Wurkplace uses can help with the recruitment process, making it easy for retail businesses to fill these roles.
  2. Employee TurnoverResearch has shown that retail sector staff turnover is high! Around half of all retail staff are hired on a part-time basis, with many staff being under 25. This may be because these members of staff usually do not stay in the job for very long, it can sometimes be seen as a temporary role for those in further education. It’s HRs responsibility to provide the incentive for staff to stay within their role. Our HR service aims to make employees feel valued and well looked after, which can reduce staff turnover.
  3. Staff Misconduct – Unfortunately, with lots of new and seasonal staff, the retail industry is especially vulnerable to staff misconduct issues. Internal theft is not uncommon in retail, businesses can often struggle to deal with this issue! Wurkplace offer support with all employment law issues, like disciplinary hearings, which can reduce staff misconduct.

What can Wurkplace’s HR Consultants help you with?


Retail Health and Safety

Additionally, Wurkplace offers outsourced Health and Safety services to retail businesses, across the UK.

Our team of highly-qualified experts tailor all of our services to your business and it’s unique needs, ensuring they’re always met – Keeping your staff, visitors and customers safe and sound!

The main Health and Safety issues in the retail sector include:

  1. Manual Handling – Staff in the retail sector often have to lift, lower, push, pull and carry loads (e.g. deliveries, etc) which can cause injury if done incorrectly; potentially causing back pain and musculoskeletal disorders! Where possible lifting equipment should be used to reduce the risk of injury to retail workers. Wurkplace offers bespoke manual handling training which can lower the probability of these injuries occurring.
  2. Violence in the Workplace – Working with the general public can make retail staff vulnerable to verbal and even physical abuse! Employers have a legal duty to protect their employee’s welfare, health and safety, many have a zero-tolerance policy, meaning customers who display this behaviour will be removed from the premises. Our Health & Safety consultants can help the retail industry by creating bespoke risk assessments and policies which can help employees deal with these situations.
  3. Slips, Trips & FallsHSE has found slips and trips are the most common cause of injury in the retail sector. However, it’s not just staff who are at risk, visitors and customers can also be at risk! Tripping or slipping on/over recently cleaned floors or items (e.g. clothing, toys, etc) can cause serious long and short term injuries. Our slips, trips and falls training course and our detailed risk assessments can decrease the likelihood of this issue!

Our Health and Safety Consultants could help you with:


HR and Health & Safety Training in Retail

Wurkplace can provide bespoke training courses online or on-site, our HR and Health & Safety consultants can tailor our extensive library of courses to your retail business.

We can help your staff develop the skills they need when working in a retail environment and keeping everyone in your premises safe from any potential risks.

All of our courses are CPD accredited and approved by RoSPA and IOSH and you can access a free demo for all training courses on our website! All modules allow for 3 attempts to gain a pass, after the third attempt, our consultants should be contacted for further assistance. Upon completion, your employees will receive a certificate which can be put in their records.

Our HR and Health & Safety courses for retail include, but not limited to:

If you want more information on our HR, Health & Safety or Online services – Call 0330 400 5490 or fill out our contact form!