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The retail sector has its own unique set of HR and Health & Safety regulations and issues, our experts can give bespoke solutions for your retail business. We tailor the HR, Health & Safety and Online Training services we provide to ensure your staff are happy & supported in their retail job and to keep your customers, staff and visitors safe in your retail venue!

How are we different from other outsource HR and Health & Safety companies? We don’t believe in using long-term contracts with our clients, allowing them to stay in control of their businesses services. We also don’t use any call centres, if you ring our number you’ll be put through to one of our highly-trained experts – Giving you the support and guidance you need from the very start.

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The Fragrance Shop has benefited from working with Wurkplace for a number of years now, they’ve been giving us amazing health & safety and online training services and advice! 

Wurkplace trained all of our area managers in health and safety in London, tailoring the courses to us specifically - For example, they provided training on how to undertake risk assessments, COSHH assessments and how to implement health & safety to our stores and warehouses. 

They have also helped with explosive atmospheres that can be caused when storing and transporting perfumes, giving us lots of useful advice and guidance. This has aided us in ensuring our staff and premises are safe at all times - We are very impressed with their personal and comprehensive services. 

Additionally, Wurkplace has created bespoke risk assessments for our stores & kiosks around the country and worked closely with us regarding welfare situations in our stores. More recently, they’ve helped us during the COVID-19 pandemic - Getting us COVID-secure and bringing our staff back to work safely, allowing us to reopen after the national lockdown. 

The team at Wurkplace are highly-qualified, experienced and always happy to go the extra mile to help, we would recommend them to anyone looking for HR, health & safety or training for their business.

The Fragrance Shop
Wurkplace Client
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    Retail HR

    Wurkplace offers outsourced HR support services to businesses in the retail industry, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service that’s right for you! All of our services are bespoke, this ensures our solutions work for your retail business, not just general advice and services.

    The main HR issues in the retail sector include:

    Wurkplace has solutions for all these issues and much more! We provide outsourced HR services to businesses in the hospitality sector – whether that’s hotels, food and drink establishments or travel and tourism. No matter what the size of your business, we can help you with your HR issues for a competitive price.

    What can Wurkplace’s HR Consultants help you with?

    Do You Need Help With HR or Health and Safety in Your Retail Business?

    Retail Health And Safety

    Additionally, Wurkplace offers outsourced Health and Safety services to retail businesses, across the UK. Our team of highly-qualified experts tailor all of our services to your business and it’s unique needs, ensuring they’re always met – Keeping your staff, visitors and customers safe and sound!

    The main Health and Safety issues in the retail sector include:

    What can Wurkplace’s Health and Safety Consultants help you with?

    HR And Health & Safety Training In Retail

    Wurkplace can provide bespoke training courses online or on-site, our HR and Health & Safety consultants can tailor our extensive library of courses to your retail business. We can help your staff develop the skills they need when working in a retail environment and keeping everyone in your premises safe from any potential risks.

    All of our courses are CPD accredited and approved by RoSPA and IOSH and you can access a free demo for all training courses on our website! All modules allow for 3 attempts to gain a pass, after the third attempt, our consultants should be contacted for further assistance. Upon completion, your employees will receive a certificate which can be put in their records.

    Our HR and Health & Safety courses for retail include, but not limited to:

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