Return to Work Top Tips
Return to Work

Return to Work Top Tips

In 2014 the largest survey in the UK was taken place primarily focusing on sickness and absence costs.  The survey found that it costs employers £29 billion a year which equates to 6.5 days per employee.  Wurkplace’s top tips for a speedy return to work can help minimise the costs of your business.

Wurkplace’s top tips for a speedy return to work:

  • Regular contact is important – it helps the employee keep work in mind and the employer benefits as they can keep up to date with any progress
  • Monitor the absence, make sure it’s certified by the GP (if over 8 days) and if necessary request a doctor’s report to have a better understanding of the absence/illness and talk about options to return
  • Meet with the employee and discuss returning to work as this will help identify factors that caused the absence and give you an idea of what adjustments you need to make to help prevent any future occurrences
  • When your employee is ready to return to work hold a meeting to discuss.  You may consider a staged return such as a reduction in hours/days. You might also consider a reduction in workload or light duties.
  • Before allowing your employee to return to work always ensure that their GP has signed them as ‘fit for work’


Upon your employee returning to work you should meet with them to discuss:

  • Any training required
  • Any changes in the workplace
  • If the employee has any concerns they want to raise
  • If the employee considers themselves to have a disability
  • If adjustments need to be made
  • You should also take note of any support you offered to the employee

Wurkplace can offer guidance and help implement the return to work process. This could be absence from sickness, furlough, or otherwise.  For more information on what we can offer go to our HR Support Services page, alternatively you can book a free consultation.

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