Wurkplace is an outsourced HR, Health & Safety and Online Training company, dedicated to providing bespoke services to businesses all over the UK! We have a small team of experienced and highly-qualified HR and Health & Safety experts, who pride themselves on giving services with a personal touch.

Working in salons (beauty, hair, etc), is a customer-facing role which focuses on the services it provides for clients; this is why HR and Health & Safety isn’t always a priority.

However, without HR and Health & Safety, salons wouldn’t remain open for business. Staying compliant with legislation and regulations is crucial to any businesses success!

Unlike many other outsourcing companies, we never use long-term contracts or call centres. This ensures you stay in control of your salon’s services and allows our clients to directly access support from our experts, from the get-go.


Salon HR

Wurkplace offers outsourced HR services to salons across the UK, giving businesses and employees more time to focus on what’s really important! Our services are bespoke, different for every salon, to fit unique needs.

What are the top HR issues in Salons:

  1. Staying Compliant – HR legislation is ever-changing making it hard to keep up with. In salons, the focus is on the customer, which can sometimes leave HR on the backburner. For example, from April 2020, Jack’s Law was introduced – giving parents the legal right to paid bereavement leave after losing a child. Wurkplace can help your salon stay compliant with UK laws by giving you monthly HR updates!
  2. Managing Staff – Salons can be busy workplaces, making it harder to manage all of your staff members. Monitoring employees attendance and performance can often be overlooked, but it’s an essential part of a businesses success. Our advanced online HR software can do all the hard work for you – Tracking not just your employees but also new recruits!
  3. Salon HR Training – Staff in salons usually have to train (often by enrolling in a hair/beauty course) in order to start working, which is why HR training is forgotten. Educating your staff on relevant policies & procedures reduces the frequency of safety issues and non-compliance! We offer a wide range of bespoke HR training courses (e.g. leadership skills, data protection, etc) to suit your unique salon.

Our expert HR Consultants can help salons with:


Salon Health and Safety

We also provide outsourced Health and Safety services to UK salons, helping them to stay legally compliant and allowing them to focus on their business goals. All of our Health and Safety services are tailored to our clients specifically, ensuring their staff & clients are always safe!

What are the top Health and Safety issues in Salons:

  1. Workplace Accidents – Salons can be full of potential hazards, for example, electrical equipment, chemicals and slips/trips/falls, to name a few. Many salons rent chairs to freelance hairdressers, oftentimes they are not always aware of all the Health & Safety procedures. This can add to the risk of injury, but don’t worry Wurkplace can help! We provide bespoke Health and Safety training to salons across the UK.
  2. COSHH – Both staff and customers can be exposed to harsh substances when in a salon. Bleach, dyes and treatments are commonplace in any salon, having staff who know how to use them and the risks reduce the danger they pose. Our COSHH online training course can be tailored to your salon, ensuring everyone’s safety.
  3. AllergiesHSE says that up to 70% of hairdressers suffer from conditions like dermatitis (caused by developing an allergy to hair products). Additionally, customers in hair & beauty salons can often have an allergic reaction to certain products! Our Health & Safety experts create bespoke risk assessments to ensure PPE is provided where necessary and patch tests are conducted before appointments.

Our expert Health and Safety Consultants can help salons with:


HR and Health & Safety Training in Salons

We have a large variety of online training courses, our consultants tailor each of our courses for your salon. This allows all your staff members to have the knowledge and understanding to face any issue/situation, alone or with clients! Developing and training your salon staff encourages them to grow into their role and flourish.

Each training module allows for 3 attempts to gain a pass mark; after the third attempt employees should contact Wurkplace for further assistance.

Once the training course has been completed, staff will get a certificate which can be put on their personal records. You can enjoy a free demo for any of our courses on our website!

Our HR and Health & Safety training courses for salons include (but not limited to):

If you want more information on our HR, Health & Safety or Training services, call 0330 400 5490. Alternatively, click here to be taken to our online contact form.