Supporting Maternity Leave and Creating a Positive Work Environment for New Mothers
Supporting Maternity

Supporting Maternity Leave and Creating a Positive Work Environment for New Mothers

At Wurkplace, we understand the importance of:

Supporting New Mothers In The Workplace.


As a company, it is crucial to provide a supportive and inclusive environment that enables employees to confidently embrace maternity leave, and maternity sickness holidays, and seek help when needed. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide valuable insights on supporting your employees throughout their maternity journey.


     Maternity Leave Policies:


Reviewing Statutory Requirements:

  • We will guide you through the legal obligations surrounding maternity leave, including eligibility criteria, duration, and the application process. Understanding these requirements will ensure compliance and a smooth transition for your employees. Check out our blog regarding pay and leave Holiday Pay

Enhancing Maternity Leave:

  • We encourage you to go beyond the statutory requirements by offering enhanced maternity leave policies. We will discuss strategies to provide additional support and benefits, such as extended leave options and maternity pay, demonstrating your commitment to employee well-being. Check out Gov website regarding Maternity


     Maternity Sickness Holidays:


Accommodating Maternity-Related Illness:

  • Understanding your responsibilities when an employee experiences maternity-related illness is essential. We will provide guidance on handling maternity sickness holidays, including sick pay entitlements and effective communication with the employee to ensure their well-being is prioritized. Check out our online course Managing Sickness.


        Facilitating a Seamless Return to Work:


Planning the Return:

  • Supporting a smooth transition back to work is crucial in retaining valuable employees. We will explore strategies for planning the return, including discussions around flexible working arrangements, part-time options, and job-sharing opportunities that accommodate the needs of new mothers.

Keeping in Touch:

  • We will explain the benefits of “Keeping in Touch” (KIT) days, which allow employees on maternity leave to stay connected with the workplace. We will provide guidance on how to utilize these days effectively to ensure a successful return to work for both the employee and the company.


      Promoting a Supportive Work Culture:


Encouraging Support Networks:

  • Foster a supportive work environment by encouraging employees to build strong support networks. We will provide suggestions on how to create a culture that supports new mothers, including establishing employee resource groups or mentorship programs.

Maternity Awareness and Training:

  • Educating managers and colleagues on maternity rights and the challenges faced by new mothers is crucial. We will discuss the importance of providing awareness training to ensure a supportive and inclusive workplace for all employees.



At Wurkplace, we believe that supporting new mothers during maternity leave and beyond is vital for both employee well-being and business success. By understanding and implementing the best practices outlined in this guide, you can create a work culture that values and supports new mothers, fostering loyalty, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction. Remember, Wurkplace is here to support you in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for your employees

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