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Wurkplace Manor House Case Study

Here's how we helped Manor House: Streamlining HR Processes and Enhancing Safety Protocol in the Equine Sector



Manorhouse Stables, a leading equine facility, recognized the need to streamline their HR processes and enhance safety protocols to improve operational efficiency and ensure the well-being of their employees and horses. This case study explores the steps taken by Manorhouse Stables to outsource HR functions and implement robust safety protocols in the equine sector.


Manorhouse Stables is a well-established equine facility offering horse boarding, training, and competition services. With a growing workforce and increasing regulatory requirements, they realized the importance of optimizing their HR processes and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations


Outsourcing HR Functions:

Manorhouse Stables decided to outsource their HR functions to a specialized equine HR provider. The provider had extensive experience in the equine industry and offered tailored services to meet Manorhouse Stables’ unique needs. Key considerations in the outsourcing process included expertise, compliance, customization, communication, and data security.

Benefits of Outsourcing HR:

By outsourcing HR functions, Manorhouse Stables experienced several benefits. The equine HR provider handled recruitment, employee onboarding, training, payroll, and compliance with employment laws. This allowed the stable management to focus on core operations, improve efficiency, and reduce administrative burdens. Additionally, the provider’s expertise in equine industry-specific HR regulations ensured compliance and minimized legal risks.

Enhancing Safety Protocol:

Manorhouse Stables recognized the importance of implementing and maintaining robust safety protocols to protect both employees and horses. They collaborated with the equine HR provider and equine safety experts to establish comprehensive safety guidelines and procedures.

Safety Training and Education:

To ensure all employees were well-versed in safety protocols, Manorhouse Stables organized regular training sessions conducted by equine safety experts. These sessions covered topics such as horse handling, stable management, emergency response, and the use of personal protective equipment. The equine HR provider played a crucial role in coordinating and tracking the training activities.

Safety Audits and Inspections:

Manorhouse Stables conducted regular safety audits and inspections to identify potential hazards, assess compliance with safety protocols, and implement corrective measures. The equine HR provider collaborated with safety experts to conduct these audits, providing expertise in equine health and safety regulations.



Results and Impact:

By streamlining HR processes and enhancing safety protocols, Manorhouse Stables achieved significant improvements. The outsourcing of HR functions reduced administrative burdens, allowing the management team to focus on core operations. Compliance with equine industry-specific HR regulations was ensured, minimizing legal risks. The implementation of robust safety protocols led to a safer working environment, reduced accidents, and improved employee morale.


Manorhouse Stables successfully streamlined their HR processes and enhanced safety protocol by outsourcing HR functions and collaborating with equine safety experts. This case study highlights the importance of specialized HR expertise and industry-specific safety protocols in the equine sector. By prioritizing these aspects, equine businesses can optimize their operations, ensure compliance, and create a safe working environment for employees and horses.

Wurkplace has acted on behalf of Manor House Stables LP for many years now in relation to HR, Health and Safety and Training. We are delighted with the service the company provides to ensure compliance with current rules and regulations and we would not hesitate to recommend Wurkplace’s work, knowledge and enthusiasm in all three disciplines.
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