Working at Height Regulations
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Working at Height Regulations

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 applies mainly to employers or the person in charge. The working at height regulations covers facilities managers of building owners who may contract others to work at height.

Wurkplace offers Health and Safety services to businesses that work at height.  From online Working at Height training courses to risk assessments and audits.

The purpose of working at height regulations 2005 is to prevent death and injury caused by a fall from height.  Falling while working at height is one of the biggest causes of workplace stress facilities and major injuries.  Not only do these accidents happen in construction, they also occur on roofs, factories warehouses and farm buildings where falls from ladders may occur or the roofs may be fragile.


Surfaces likely to be fragile are:

  • Roof Lights
  • Liner panels on built-up sheeted roofs
  • Non-reinforced fibre cement sheets
  • Corroded metal sheets
  • Glass (including wired glass)
  • Rotted chipboard
  • Slates and tiles

Employees have a general legal duty to take reasonable care of themselves and others who may be affected by their actions.  They should also cooperate with their employer to ensure their Health and Safety duties and requirements are compliant with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.


As an employer you should:

  • Do as much as possible on the ground to avoid working at height
  • Ensure the safety to and from work at height jobs
  • Ensure equipment is
    • Stables
    • Strong enough for the job
    • Well maintained
    • Regularly checked
  • Not overload or overreach
  • Take extra care while working at height
  • Provide and enforce protection to be worn in the event of objects falling
  • Consider and communicate emergency evacuation and rescue procedures
  • Ensure workers have sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to perform the task
  • Working at Height training

Wurkplace’s online Working at Height training comes with a free trial so you can try before you buy. The course is made up of informational clips, end of module tests and a competence certification. This training is RoSPA approved. Call 0330 400 5490 to see if you qualify for a bulk discount. Alternative, purchase the course here.

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